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  1. Adelyn

    The Inside Outside Game

    I just thought of a game. It's pretty simple. The first person names something found inside. The next person must name something found OUTSIDE, starting with the last letter of the previous word. Example: Person 1, something found inside: Lamp. Person 2, something found outside: Puffin...
  2. S

    This or That?

    New game? Poster answers the question, and poses a new one to others! Example: User 1: Strawberries or Bananas? User 2: Strawberries. Bus or Train? I’ll start. 😊 Cake or Biscuits?
  3. dannif_piggies

    New c&c cage idea!

    I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this, but over the next week I'm am off work and Ive come up with such an exciting idea for my guinea pigs c&c, I will be extending the base possibly to 4x3 (if not just a small width extension on one part) and then providing them with a loft. My...
  4. court29x

    Summer Fun in the Playhouse

    Some photos of me giving the girls some broccoli in their playhouse today! I think I have 2 very happy piggies now its summer :luv:
  5. Incredipigs

    Fortunately, Unfortunately Game

    I've always loved this game so I thought we could give it a try :)) Here's how to play: Person 1: Unfortunately, the piggie ran out of hay Person 2: Fortunately, the human gave him some more Person 3: Unfortunately, there wasn't much hay left in the bag so the piggie didn't get much And so...
  6. Jesse's pigs

    Calling All Piggies- It Is I Mo!

    "Hi fellow piggies of the forum! I have taken over pig mum's account for a short while as I am not best pleased! I would like to announce that I -yes me- am infact a part time werewolf tamer and unfortunately pigmum doesn't want me to share this secret. I was going to show Simon Cowell on BGT...
  7. caroline081


    Hey everyone ! I was thinking that it could be interesting to read about different types of games that people come up with to keep their piggies entertained. Look forward to hearing everyone's fun ideas !
  8. ChloeCee98

    Floor Time And Momos Made Me Laugh

    Sorry about Noodle biting the bars she thinks MoMo is gone forever when I get her out lol Also does anyone have any good tips on how to make cage liners? I'm going to make my own and then extend the cage so that hudsons in a c&c instead of his tiny cage :( I'm getting him neutered soon so...
  9. Celine298


    Just a fun little post to see how often (if ever) everyone's Piggies popcorn :) I might get one, maybe two a week from Lola :( But Sunny popcorns a lot! When I clean their cage (twice a day), when I feed them (twice a day), when I set up their 'floor time' boxes, when he's running around the...
  10. Celine298

    If You Could Rename Them....

    We all know Guinea Pigs have the strangest name: they're not pigs and they're not from New Guinea! I was thinking, if we could rename them, what would we call them? Based on our experiences with these wonderful little fluffies. Personally, I'd go with Spud Bunnies, because of their potato...
  11. Alexandra West

    What To Do With A Single Piggie?

    Hey! Finnian, my beloved piggie acts fine and all but how can I keep away boredom for him? I'm not allowed to get another piggie, so he's all alone. I let him play a lot and hold him to keep him company, but how and I keep him from being bored when I can't entertain him? I tried my hardest to...
  12. Alexandra West

    Guinea Pig "hamster" Ball Opinions.

    What do you think of the XXL hamster balls that petstores market for piggies? I personally think it's cruel to put any animal into a plastic ball without access for food or drink. What are your opinions? Do you like them? Do you use them for your piggies? I'd like to hear opinions on this. And...
  13. Elgifu321

    Themed Cage Items: Halloween :)

    I love a good opportunity to decorate the cage and buy new toys, chews and cozy items but I can never find anything for Halloween! I've got a skull fleece which I might make into strips to put over my usual liners from ziggys and I've made a pumpkin hidey (took me a whole day but I love it!)...