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  1. Adelyn

    Clover and Stella have finally taken to floor time

    Today I got Clover and Stella's floor time area all set up and let down the ramp of their cage. I called to them and Stella hopped right out down the ramp, then ran over to the pile of veggies in the middle of their floor time area. Like normal, she noticed that Clover wasn't there and scampered...
  2. Adelyn

    I too have a complaint for this "GPU"!

    Hello, my name is Bilbo. I am a leopard gecko. I, with my spots of black and my tongue of pink would like to file a complaint to "GPU". It has come to my attention that something awful has happened. A two obnoxious bags made out fur have been filled with vegetables and are now squeaking...
  3. Livvysquish

    Spice loves stretching her front paws out

    I have very rarely caught it on camera but she's started laying like this more often. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Her floofy little legs and her pink feet. :wub::wub:🌸 (Ignore the poops, I have a herd of 6 and it's cleaning day tomorrow hahah)
  4. Livvysquish

    Human trapped in guinea pig

    Hey, I'm a bit bewildered at my guinea pigs behaviour and have tried searching it up everywhere but have found nothing. It is honestly like she's a human in a guinea pig body, she even looks a bit human in the eyes. Like she understands me. When my other piggies are drinking or eating, she'll...
  5. Mandy_Louise

    Pigs kicking pigs!

    Hi! Does anyone else’s guinea pigs kick the other? I don’t think it’s a problem but I find it quite funny as you can tell when one is readying a kick, he backs himself up and aims and then drop kicks the other haha.
  6. Celine298

    Older sow suddenly getting... 'frisky'...

    Hi all! Just a quick question: has anyone ever seen an older sow suddenly become very 'frisky' when she comes into heat? I have three un-neutered females, Lola is three and Marilyn and Rosie are just gone a year old. Normally I have no problems when they come into heat, a little rumbling and...
  7. Munching Maniac

    Share your piggy stories!

    Share your funny, scary, sad etc. stories about you guinea pigs and their adventures with you... ❤️❤️❤️
  8. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Someone Tell Me What This Is

    Where have her front feet gone?!?! 😂
  9. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Secret Agent Candy

    Candy’s trademark super spy look 💫❤️😎
  10. katkitchen

    Guinea pig climbing on her housemate

    Hello everybody! I got 2 guinea pigs for Christmas last year and I would say right now they’re approx 11 months to a year old. I love them to bits getting these two fluff balls has really improved my anxiety and overall happiness and I’m just so glad that they’re also healthy and happy (as...
  11. PerpLexxity

    Testing My Patience Ooooo

    Hello everybody, So today while I was cleaning the guinea pigs cage Gizmo decided to jump out of their playpen! He’s jumped out of his cage before *it now has a top dont worry* but never their playpen smh. Cleaning the cage is the job I hate most but of course I do it in a timely manner...
  12. Jesse's pigs

    Is It A Dog Or Mo?

    Does anyone else's guinea pig roll over?! Mo does :lol!: if I stroke him near his belly he rolls over like a dog- must be ticklish! And (as you'll see in the video) when he gets a bit over excited... (This video was taken ages ago Mo was a baby) here I decided to get 'crafty' and make a...
  13. Bella123

    This Is Mine………

    Was doing Bella’s and Hero’s morning cage routine, when I decided to place a long awaited treat in their cage…. At this point it was in the middle of their cage …I left the room…to do their water… To my surprise I come back only to find Hero has dragged it half way across the cage….and made...
  14. Jesse's pigs


    I never realised how fun floortime could be! The first time I tried it with Mo, I was rather nervous - and he stuck by my side so I think he was too :lol!: but eventually he learnt that my bedroom floor was a safe space and went mental! Now I get them out together as much as possible. I...
  15. Jesse's pigs

    Fun Fact- Turns Out Guinea Pigs Can Wear Belts!

    Looking back through my instagram posts today (sad I know...) and realised I hadn't shared with you one of my favourite videos of all time! Back when Mo was a lone piggy this was taken a short while after I thought he had a URI. As you all know, Mo adores a good cardboard tube and here he had...
  16. Celine298

    Our Little Photo Shoot

    Letting my guys outside for lawn-time is a problem because I'm in Ireland and it rains 360 days of the year here! :td: Generally, our lawn is too wet for the piggies. Lately though, I have begun letting them out on our patio. They get their exercise and can nibble at the lawn bordering the...
  17. Jesse's pigs


    So as you may know I have a tendency to tag some of you quite a bit (sorry lol) so thought for once I'd tag you in a post that doesn't involve a question but a video which I'm sure you'll enjoy... @Wiebke @sport_billy @Flutterby
  18. Guinea Days

    How Many Piggies Do You Have?

    lets see how many you have got? I have 2! GOOOO!!!
  19. Guinea Days

    How Many Piggies Do Yuo Have

  20. Bella123

    Fifi's Perfect Veggie Feast....

    Fifi: "Flash?" Flash: " Yes Fifi" Fifi: " The hoooman's staring at us again.........." Flash: "I think she wants our veggies....eat them all before she takes them away..." Fifi: " Hoooman? Iz der any more?"