gaining trust

  1. soupgirls

    First-time handling!

    Hey! I’m the owner of two young female guinea pigs and I’ve had them for almost three weeks now. They trust me, don’t run away, eat out of my hand, even put their front legs on my hand to get to food in my palm. I mistakenly thought it would be best to handle them right away - and stopped...
  2. J

    Help with handling and trust

    Hello. I rescued two boars this summer, Theodore and Pierre, and am looking for some advice with regard to handling. It has been a very slow journey with these boys but here is some background: -They are both approximately 2 years old (unfortunately no exact birth day) -They were both show...
  3. Hannahb2804

    New piggies

    Recently got my piggies a week ago and each day I felt I made progress with bonding, they began to take food out of my hand and come out more but today I did a full cage clean and switched liners and beds and they’ve been in their beds all day like the first day they came, I'm just worried I’m...
  4. Hannahb2804

    Handling new piggies and floor time

    Hi I rescued two piggies Saturday morning and I’ve managed to stroke them a little and the more confident one Luna seems comfortable eating in front of me but Dougal seems timid and hasn’t come out a lot, I did pick up Luna for roughly five minutes to see how she’d feel and she didn’t seem to...
  5. Rachel1234510

    A bit of advice needed for our new piggies!

    Hey all! I'm very new to this forum thing but I have come across many threads from here when searching online that have been helpful! We have two new guinea pigs, beautifully named Emily and Piggy Wiggy by our daughter :D! We have had them for two weeks now and they are 10 weeks old. I'm...