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gas build up

  1. B

    Constant Mild Gas

    Hi everyone My guinea pig recently had an episode of bloat. She refused to eat and we got her to the vets pretty quickly. We went to a specialist and he did the whole works on her, so we can rule out bladder, tooth, ovarian issues, etc. Luckily she pulled through and began eating as normal...
  2. Beans&Toast

    Does This Require Urgent Vets Today?

    I'm away for work today so my Mum is looking after the pigs but something is wrong with Toast so I'd appreciate any help. Okay long story short (sort of) as of Friday morning Toast hasn't been herself. (She's had on/off dental problems and bloat problems for the 2 years I've had her).She was...
  3. Beans&Toast

    Domperidone - Side Effects Of Long Term Use

    Bit of a long post here... Toast has been on Domperidone (and Ranitadine) for bloat since November last year. It worked well at first but the past couple of weeks it doesn't seem to make a difference whatsoever. She's also getting bloated after any veg. There is a long list of veg that makes...
  4. Parnassus

    Mystery Gas Build Up

    Hey Everyone! I'm just back from our cavy savvy vets with some not great news. Quick Background: Our *other* piggy is a bladder piggy, meaning we provide a vet-approved low-calcium diet: Filtered water Orchard grass 1/4 C. KMS Timothy pellets daily each 1 Oxbow Vitamin C Supplement Veggie mix...