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  1. G

    Gerbil red lump?

    Hello, One of my gerbils seem to have a red lump/ abscess right between his testicles. He behaves normal and doesn't seem to be bother by it. I'm not sure it is something normal as I am pretty sure it comes and goes ( he had it yesterday but I didn't see it later on in the day...) Thank you, Nazz
  2. N

    Gerbil - Lonley Gerbil After Gerbil Death

    So we had a pair of female gerbils up until recently when one passed away. The other is now lonely and We are wondering if she will be okay. We have another pair of gerbils who are her sisters which we separated from the other pair about a year or two ago because they started fighting. So we...
  3. CreamCheese

    I Want A Gerbil-help!

    I'm looking into getting a gerbil, but there aren't a lot of trust worthy care guides out their, and all the gerbil forums are very sketchy, if anyone has/had a gerbil some help would be greatly appreciated! I've seen a few sites that say a 10 gallon tank is big enough for them, but I'm highly...