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  1. PiggyPack

    Goodnight Bea, Mouse and Meep

    Well here it goes. As most of you will be aware, me and my boyfriend travelled up to Rutland House to see the incredible Dr Varga and Craig to say goodnight to our wonderful girls Bea (5.5), Mouse (5.5) and Meep (2.5) this afternoon. My parents, best friend and brother also came over to say...
  2. D


    Hi everyone! Sorry to say but i'm leaving the forum due to being very busy with work etc. I've really enjoyed being on the forum! Jet and Cloud are sorry to leave! I hope you all continue to enjoy being on the forum and i hope that your piggles enjoy eating lots of treats! Also: check out...
  3. Gemm24

    Goodbye my baby Oreo

    My baby Oreo died this morning, she was my first guinea pig and my first one to lose. It’s so strange to not see her in her cage munching on some veg. She was a fantastic guinea pig who was the big boss of everyone. She was so cute and cuddly! She could also be stubborn and moody but that was...
  4. AdamFrench

    Rip Little Teri Bear :(

    We awoke early this morning to find a typically very eccentric Teri huddled in the corner not wishing to move very much. She was extremly bloated and confirmed to have an intestinal blockage which in term lead to her being put to rest at 10:30 today. Sweet dreams little one, we love you so...
  5. Riggs Pigs

    Goodbye My Baby.

    Yesterday I noticed that my baby gp who is a bit dumb and special was acting strangely, odd noises , lying flat and not eating. We feeder her with the mush liquid stuff and put vitamin c liquid In her mouth. I knew at some point she was going to go because she wasn't quite right. She was 6...