#grief #loss

  1. Hollie85

    Neuturing experiences!

    Hi guys, hope everyone is well. As I sit here a week and a half after having my two boars neutured waiting for the one that survived to come out of the vets after starting to squeal when he poos, I wish so badly I could turn back the clocks and have not done it! Many errors on my part I feel...
  2. DaveyCavy

    Sudden, devastating loss - struggling to cope

    I apologize in advance for the emotional onslaught to follow! I lost my baby Lola on Wednesday, and I am having trouble dealing with the grief. She was my youngest, sweetest, most curious pig and she brought so much joy to my life. (It didn't hurt that she was utterly adorable: a teddy pig...
  3. Rolina

    Grieving a loss

    I recently lost my first guinea pig after a round of medication that did not work. Within two weeks his health faded and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him and gave him 3 medications to complete in 10days. He passed on the 10th day. Due to extreme weight loss and heavy breathing I...