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  1. Bekialice

    Wilma...again/vampire Bite?

    Hiya, Wilma is nearly 6 and she seems to be bouncing from problem to problem at the moment. She was a bit off her food this morning, still eating and having a good go at a lettuce leaf. But she wasn't as excited to get it and she didn't want a leaf of spinach (her favourite treat). She was...
  2. Nicola McGregor

    Behaviour Change

    Hello Recently one of my eldest Guinea Pigs (3 Years) has had a change in behaviour. Her name is Honey and she is a very sociable Guinea Pig. When we first got her she had some very clingy behaviour to the eldest Guinea Pig (Izzy) she was housed with. She followed her and would cry without her...
  3. Beans&Toast

    Beans Has Lumps And Continuously Biting Them.

    Sorry this is a long post. I've been having so many issues with both Beans and Toast for quite a while now. (I'll give Toast a separate thread) A couple of months ago I found a very small lump on Beans. It was kind of on her side near her nipple. I took her to get checked and as it was so tiny...
  4. Michael o

    Pig Only Wants Spinach

    hi I only have the one pig (frowned upon I know) she only seems interested in spinach cucumber and bell peppers. If there no spinach she eats less and gets really grumpy! Is this normal. She might sniff or nibble other food and then just buggers off? Had her about 5 months