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    Feeling immense guilt over new adoption

    Hello everyone. Recently, one of my beloved sows passed away very suddenly. Her companions, who are both quite young (<6 months) were as distraught as I was. I checked everywhere for a sow needing a home in order to help with the bereavement, but none of the rescues in my province had any pigs...
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    hi, my guinea pig died about 5 days ago now, and i just feel awful for the cagemate she's left behind. as far as i know she isn't experiencing acute pining. she's fine with walking around the cage, drinking and eating, but seeing her alone in there just breaks my heart since she's never been a...
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    Feeling guilty about my guinea pig's death

    My 3 and a half years old guinea pig, named Koui, just passed away in my arms. For 5 months now she had a problem with her foot, most likely a pododermatitis. But here in Greece, we don't have specialized vets for guinea pigs. Most of them actually no nothing about their health care. I took her...
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    Death And Lonely Pig

    I don't think I'm quite in the right category, I've never posted in anything like this before, I couldn't find a catagorey that quite fit. I just need to tell someone what happened and get some advice for my other pig. I'm sorry that this will be so long. My guinea pig Pumba died on Saturday. He...