guinea care

  1. B

    New guinea pigs taming, 3 girls.

    Hey! I’ve just joined this forum so please bear with me. I’ve recently adopted 3 little sows; they’re beautiful and the most beautiful nature but they are extremely shy [for reference they are all roughly 8 weeks old]. Whenever anyone walks into the room with their cage, they immediately hide...
  2. edgarallanpaw

    adding a second guinea pig?

    so about seven months ago i was looking for my first guinea pig pet and my local store explained that they’d recently had three guineas brought in who had had to be separated. they’d been there for a few days-a week alone, and only one was ready to be adopted. so i took him home and he seems to...
  3. S

    Open wound on our adult guinea

    Hi all, I need some advice please , although i think i know the answer. Feb this year our Jerry had an abscess so the vet syringed it & put him in antibiotics for a week & we cleaned it daily. All was fine for a few weeks but then a small open wound appeared where the needle went in. I bought...
  4. T

    Crital care formula Vetark. Am i using it correctly?

    I had my boy neutered today and since he has been home he hasnt eaten a thing. He has had his pain medication that the vet instructed to give. I have critical care formula vetark its in a powder form. It says 1 scoop (5ml) for 250g of animal with 3 - 4 scoops of water. My boy is 800g so do i...
  5. BobaBabyUwU

    Dry skin around the eye and hair lose

    Hello! I'm relatively new here and I only signed up to ask a question about my Guinea Pig, Boba. I got Boba about a week and a half ago and he is no older then a year. About 5 days ago Boba started losing hair around his right eye and I noticed the skin was very dry. (Sorry if its blurry) I...
  6. A

    Specialist Need help asap

    Hi, I'm new on here but i seriously need help as my vets are useless, my guinea pig is Honey and she'll be 2 on Januray 2020 She started being the smallest out the group and we thought jt was normal but then she started losing weight because her sister was stealing all her food, we noticed and i...
  7. L

    New Piggie Mom ( Help with getting a veggie schedule ? )

    I want to get into a schedule and was hoping you all could help me, I would like to type a schedule out so I know what I am feeding them each day/night. Could anyone post a schedule below for me to see? I do know they need about a cup of veggies/leafy greens a day for each piggie. I have two...
  8. L

    We don’t know what’s wrong...

    We would really appreciate some experienced advice. We have a male guinea pig called Bobby. He is 2. We noticed 2 weeks ago that he was lethargic and not eating much. We took him to the vet straight away (at this point he weighed 1.4 kg). We wanted to rule out gut issues and teeth issues so...
  9. Munching Maniac

    Help! My male guinea pig has a really dirty bum area!

    This morning a really bad smell was coming from the hutch and I found this in the cage I have googled it and it came up with how to clean it but even though I do health checks every week I have never seen so much smelly brown gunk. I don’t know if I should clean it myself or not. Urgent advice...
  10. Lucymorton1

    Lump behind ear on guinea pig

    I found this lump on my guinea pigs ear and panicked would anyone know what it is?
  11. K

    Watering eyes?

    I'm not sure if this is bad but Mr Cream's right eye keeps getting watery and then it dries around his eye. I do clean it when it gets dry and sometimes while its watery. I hope this isnt a sign of URI or eye infection. (The yellow streak is just his fur btw)
  12. S

    Caring for a single Guinea Pig?

    I'm a new Guinea Pig owner and despite all my research about caring for them nothing mentioned the need for having more then one. I only have one Guinea pig and I am unable to get a second for multiple reasons. What can I do to keep him happy despite being by himself?
  13. I

    Aggressive female piggy!

    Hey, I have two female piggies who are both almost 4 years old called Pippa and Jo. We got Jo first and she is a few months older but, while Pippa has always been the quieter and more nervous piggy, they have always got on together well. Yesterday while I was cleaning the cage however, Jo...
  14. oofitsnaomi

    Guinea Pigs and Cats?

    My adorable hamster is getting quite old and is nearing the end of his life in maybe the next six months. Although I love him so much and would never want him to die, I have been thinking about getting another pet after he crosses the rainbow bridge. My parents have been considering a cat, which...
  15. C

    Aggressive Guinea Pig

    Hello All, I had two guinea pigs and I had to surrender one due to personal issues. Ruby and Coco lived in the same cage until there was ALOT of fighting and blood was drawn so I separated the girls at night and then brought them together during the day. I couldn’t trust them together and I...
  16. H

    Guinea Pig Mouth Lumps

    So I already have a vet visit scheduled for this week coming up but I’m a worried piggy mom. My guy has had a run in with his old cage mate years ago so his lip is split all the way up basically. But he has gotten chellitis(sp?) in the past so ik how to treat that so I have been doing so since...
  17. oofitsnaomi

    Cage Clean w/ Scared Guinea Pigs?

    Hi:D I have to do a cage clean today. I have had my piggies for a week now and they are lovely but still very scared (they're still settling in.) I don't know how I am going to get them out of their cage to clean it. My mom suggested that we block of some of their cage and lure them to go into...
  18. F

    Guinea pig sneezing after a fight

    So I have 3 male guinea pigs at their “teenage” years and two of them fights a lot, I’ve been trying many solutions in terms of stopping them from fighting (currently) but as I was cleaning their play pen - I left them in another play pen that I keep as an extra - I heard them fighting and...
  19. oofitsnaomi

    What do piggies like to do?

    I went shopping for guinea pig supplies yesterday to prepare for when I bring the piggies home and I got some things. Hideouts, bendy bridge, chew toys etc. I got the mandatory stuff. But what do guinea pigs like to do for fun? I know hamsters like puzzle toys but what do guinea pigs like to do...
  20. Amylouiseg1990

    Lone piggie after passing of other piggie

    Unfortuntely today I lost my eldest piggie, he had seemed to grow really ill from what I suspected what pneumonia today was the day of his tests at the vets but he didn't make it :( I'm heart broken and don't think I could be strong enough to get a new cage mate for my other piggie. The...