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guinea care

  1. H

    Hole/Wound in Guinea pigs face and I am unsure on what it is and what I am supposed to do :(

    My guinea pig has had a relatively large and hard brown lump on its face for around a year, and it has fallen out I think from the guinea pig scratching it or his buddy and it comes out and bleeds profusely and leaves a deep, large wound on his face and I am really worried and need advice on...
  2. T

    Guinea Pig Story

    Good day all , my name is Warren , I live in South Africa and have Two Guinea pigs both females . One is a year old and the other is comming up on 2.5-3 Years . Where to begin lol ... Luna , my 2.5 Year old has had a rough past 2 Months . She has never grown beyond 750g and always been a small...
  3. L

    Hole/Abscess on guinea pig’s back

    Hello, I’m very new here and in need of help from this forum, I am well aware that I should go to the vet to get this checked out, but money is tight at the moment and we’re still making decisions, I own six guinea pigs currently, and two of them (my oldest ones, Smores and Callie) have been...
  4. The_Cavies

    Replacing bedding

    Hello, so my piggies have C&C cages and they have a separate kitchen which is where I keep their hay and pellet bowls. I normally put i scented pee pads and then put the carefresh bedding over it but sometimes it’s a lot to clean and also buying bedding every week. Is there any suggestions what...
  5. T

    guinea pigs peeing blood

    Hiya! my guinea pigs are both 1 years old. They seem to be seeing blood but have no other symptoms of illness, they are both male. what could be causing this. i have already booked an appointment but am incredibly anxious as this is the first time my piggies have had any sign of illness!
  6. M

    medical advice for 4 y/o male piggy

    Hi friends, I am a first time pig mom and have fell in love with my pigs in ways that I can’t describe. Recently, my first pig I adopted took a visit to the vet. Let me disclose that this was supposed to be a wellness check, I had heard sporadic sneezing but never consistent and I just wanted...
  7. J

    Guinea pigs quick has reached the tip of the nail

    We just adopted our piggies from someone who clearly didn't know how to care for them or just didn't try (overgrown nails, dirty cage, was only feeding rabbit pellets, and the poor babies reeked of urine and cigarette smoke). Anyway, we just trimmed all their tips except one, one of our piggies...
  8. laylaonwheels

    Do I need pee pads?

    So I’m gonna get Guinea pigs soon and I’m going to use fleece bedding and I was wondering if you need the small pee pads everyone I see that use fleece has them so I was just wondering if there necessary?
  9. laylaonwheels

    How long does Hay last

    Hello I’m about to get two female Guinea pigs and I bought a 9lb box of hay and I was wondering how long it would last so I can put it on autoship and also how long a 25lb bag would last
  10. annaandpigs

    Manic, territorial guinea pig.

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me advice on my insane male guinea pig, Bandit (aptly named). I have four guinea pigs in total, (all male) the two that I got first still live together - Bandit came with a cage mate (Rufus) who is very gentle and sweet and Bandit bullied him continuously - we...
  11. P

    Internal and external measurements for bluebell hutch 6ft

    Does anyone know the external and internal measurements for bluebell 6ft xlarge cage? I have the measurements for the 5ft one (attached below) but need to know the measurements like them for the 6ft one.
  12. L

    Guinea Pig Water in Ears

    Hello! My guinea pig has a very shiny inside ear, and when she shakes her head water comes out. there may be water stuck on the inside. any way to fix this?
  13. K

    Ideas to protect a wall that’ll be next to a cage.

    So I’m putting a cage against two walls, since the wood price is higher this year I wanted to see if I could cut expenses and use something instead of wood to go against the walls so their poop, pee, etc. doesn’t get against it. (Like how the diy cage put wood where the cage will touch the...
  14. B

    New guinea pigs taming, 3 girls.

    Hey! I’ve just joined this forum so please bear with me. I’ve recently adopted 3 little sows; they’re beautiful and the most beautiful nature but they are extremely shy [for reference they are all roughly 8 weeks old]. Whenever anyone walks into the room with their cage, they immediately hide...
  15. edgarallanpaw

    adding a second guinea pig?

    so about seven months ago i was looking for my first guinea pig pet and my local store explained that they’d recently had three guineas brought in who had had to be separated. they’d been there for a few days-a week alone, and only one was ready to be adopted. so i took him home and he seems to...
  16. S

    Open wound on our adult guinea

    Hi all, I need some advice please , although i think i know the answer. Feb this year our Jerry had an abscess so the vet syringed it & put him in antibiotics for a week & we cleaned it daily. All was fine for a few weeks but then a small open wound appeared where the needle went in. I bought...
  17. T

    Crital care formula Vetark. Am i using it correctly?

    I had my boy neutered today and since he has been home he hasnt eaten a thing. He has had his pain medication that the vet instructed to give. I have critical care formula vetark its in a powder form. It says 1 scoop (5ml) for 250g of animal with 3 - 4 scoops of water. My boy is 800g so do i...
  18. BobaBabyUwU

    Dry skin around the eye and hair lose

    Hello! I'm relatively new here and I only signed up to ask a question about my Guinea Pig, Boba. I got Boba about a week and a half ago and he is no older then a year. About 5 days ago Boba started losing hair around his right eye and I noticed the skin was very dry. (Sorry if its blurry) I...
  19. Arekkisu

    Specialist Need help asap

    Hi, I'm new on here but i seriously need help as my vets are useless, my guinea pig is Honey and she'll be 2 on Januray 2020 She started being the smallest out the group and we thought jt was normal but then she started losing weight because her sister was stealing all her food, we noticed and i...
  20. L

    New Piggie Mom ( Help with getting a veggie schedule ? )

    I want to get into a schedule and was hoping you all could help me, I would like to type a schedule out so I know what I am feeding them each day/night. Could anyone post a schedule below for me to see? I do know they need about a cup of veggies/leafy greens a day for each piggie. I have two...