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  1. S

    A question about sparkling drinks

    Hi there! I was just wondering if guinea pigs can have sparkling water? Now I’m not saying that I would be giving it to them it’s just a random question that popped up in my head. I looked it up and people have said no only because of additives and sugar in them. But the sparkling I have only...
  2. C

    My guinea pig keeps coughing

    Hello, my guinea pig at the age of 3 has started sneezing yesterday but it’s sneezing quite often not just one small one. I’m not sure if I should take it to the vet or wait a couple days to see if it gets worse. I’m really worried and hope that I can help her in someway😭.
  3. H

    Dental My guinea pig is not eating and we are not finding a concrete solution

    Hi Three weeks ago, we noticed that out three year old female guinea pig (Jupiter) was unable to eat. She was trying to eat, but was unable to bite. We went to a vet, but he did not gave a substantial cure. We changed the vet. Went to vet number 2. Even he didn't had the required expertise and...
  4. O

    Waterproofing wooden guinea pig hidey

    I’ve just bought some wooden hideys for my guinea pigs and was wondering if anyone knows of a guinea pig safe coating that I could use to waterproof them from urine and prevent mould growing. My guinea pigs will probably chew round the edges so I want to be sure that it is 100% non-toxic...
  5. rei

    Toys for Guinea Pig ?

    Hello, I’m really new to this forum and owning a guinea pig. No one in my family has had one before so yeah aha. Anyways not so sure this is the right category but it’s kind of health , because I don’t want a toy to be dangerous for my guinea pig . I found a toy that is soft and there is no...
  6. T

    Guinea Pig Chaos

    So I have a male Guinea pig named george about 2 years old.. had him since he was a baby. About 2 months ago I adopted 2 male guinea pigs around 2 yrs old as well..came together and live in the same cage. I tried to get george and the other two to meet but no luck there was almost a lot of...
  7. Merry2018

    Guinea Pig Loses Tooth!

    Hi everyone, Today I was feeding my guinea pig some small pieces of his Vitamin C “cookie” and he spit out a tooth. Last night he refused to eat the Oxbow cookie and I saw a little blood left on the cookie when he attempted to bite it. I assumed he cut his cheek or something, but now it must...