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guinea pig behaving strange

  1. D

    Guinea pig dropped from 10 feet

    Hi. My guinea pig was dropped from about 10 feet due to the mishandling of my brothers. She isn’t showing too many signs of injury, but is rather, not pooping, eating hay, or drinking water. I’ve been able to feed her lettuce but thats it. And lately, she’s been very aggressive towards me and...
  2. Chip Lillis

    Guinea pigs fighting very aggressively

    Hey! :) So recently, two of my pigs have been at it. Conki and Sabi. Sabi is known for being a little bit of a sissy but this seems pretty bad. Conki will randomly attack her, and when Sabi is nervous she runs into the corner of the cage and faces me. It’s so sad. I want to help her but should I...
  3. R

    Was my guinea pig abused by her last owner? She is always scared of me.

    Hello everyone! I already have a thread going about a different problem I have, but I figured since I was already here I could bring up something that's been troubling me for a while. If you haven't read my last thread, I have 5 guinea pigs. The oldest is about 3 years old, and the youngest we...
  4. B

    Crusty eye

    My guinea pigs eye is getting crust around it what should I do?
  5. 2Pigs2Many

    Boar Conflict.

    Hey guys! I've been under some great stress over my 2 babies and I need your opinion/help. Please bare with me, this will be long but I wanted to give as much information as I could to get better help. I got the brothers, Smores and Teddy, when they were just babies, now they are a little...
  6. P

    Young Guinea Pig Help! Hind Legs Gave Out Suddenly

    Two days ago, I gave my 2 year old male guinea pig a bath in warm water. After having him in the water for 2 minutes, his hind legs suddenly gave out and he was dragging himself using his front paws. I took him out immediately. Afterwards, I noticed his eyes were sunken in. I gave him plenty of...
  7. J

    I Have Just Found One Of My Guinea Pigs Dead :(

    Hello I am new here but I had two Guinea pigs... Ozzy & Lemmy unfortunately today I found Lemmy dead! The strangest thing is he had no hands or feet! Completely gone! And parts of his face was missing too! So upsetting! And I havnt had these pair long Any ideas what could have happened? Is it...
  8. Josie

    Is My New Guinea Pig Sick?

    I got my GP yesterday at a store. He is a long-haired est. 2 month old piggy. I have gone to the medical emergency site and everything else but nothing seems to be giving me answers! I even called the local vet and they couldn't tell me anything! He sneezes a couple times an hour, when I put him...
  9. M

    My Guinea Pig Is Shaking And I Don't Know Why

    I went on a week long trip with half of my family to New York. I had my sister who stayed home look after my two guinea pigs. When I came home and checked on my guinea pigs I noticed that they weren't sqeaking or saying anything like they usually do when I come into the room. Still, I gave them...
  10. T&T

    My Guinea Pig Is Behaving Very Weird, He Stops And Stare At One Point For A While... Please Help.

    Please help, I'm new to this forum so first of all hello to everyone. I wonder if you could help me, I realised that from few days my guinea pig is acting strange. He would stop at one place, usually by his food bowl or in his cozy bed and look up or in front of him with his eyes wide open for a...