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guinea pig cage

  1. W

    DIY cage advice UK

    Hi I am thinking about getting a couple of guinea pigs from a rescue. I am thinking about making a cage from wood as i am limited for height on 2 sides. Is wood ok to make it from? Any specific wood would be great? I am in the UK, I plan on making the cage at least 3.5ftx3.5ft but may...
  2. M

    is this cage big enough

    i have 2 male pigs is this cage big enough for the 2 of them,one of them is only a baby still? Google Shopping – Product not found
  3. F

    Ideas for Attaching Water Bottle to DIY Cage

    Hi there! Over December my husband and I created our own DIY guinea pig cage/plant table combo as a Christmas present to me (I have been wanting some guinea pigs for a while now!). On Saturday we will be picking up our guineas from a rescue (a momma and baby!). I have everything in place but...
  4. B

    Help With Cage Stand

    Hi, I'm going to be getting two guinea pigs soon, and am purchasing a C&C cage from guineapigcagestore, and it is going to be the 2x5 standard cage. Does anybody have any recommendations for where I could find a table that could fit that size, or something else reasonable. I have a dog, and...
  5. Charlotte behan

    Guinea Pig Cage In A Dark Place?

    Hi everyone, I'm moving back to university in a couple of weeks and were moving into a different house. Sadly I got to choose rooms last and i have the smallest room so the only place id be able to fit my guinea pig cage would be under my desk. Of course Ill move it out from under the desk...
  6. Beans&Toast

    6x3 Or 5x4?

    So my current c and c cage set up is a 6x3. The piggies love it, they have loads of room to zoom about. The only downside is on the occasions that I have to seperate them with a divider it means they only have a 3x3 each.. so would a 5x4 be better do you think? Still enough room to run around...
  7. taroyukiponyo

    Ramp Too Tall?

    Soo their home created but they are all still hesitant to go upstairs on the next floor :c the ramp is carpeted so they should be able to climb up but they are scared. Any advice on training them to feel more comfortable using it? Thank you in advance.