guinea pig health issue

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    Cervical lymphadenitis on Guinea pig

    Hey guys 1 of our female Guineas got diagnosed with Cervical lymphadenitis (bacterial infection of the throat glands) and has been given antibiotics for it. She has a week left on them and the lumps haven’t gone down at all. The vet said if they don’t go down the next time we next see her...
  2. piggies and sweet dreams

    My Guinea Pig is Making Weird Noises

    Hello everyone, please, please help me. My guinea pig is making weird noises. It seems that cough has been building up in his throat because when he sneezes/coughs, the noise stops for a moment but then comes back again. After he sneezes, he kind of moves back and forth in one place, as if he's...
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    Need help with my guinea pigs toe

    I’m not sure how to use this I just got it cause I’m worried about my guinea pigs toe I don’t really know how to describe it. It was swollen just before the nail but after a while his whole toe became swollen and he barley has a nail. I wasn’t sure if I’d cut it and this is its way of healing or...