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guinea pig help

  1. G

    Strange Squeaking Boise

    Hi, I’ve been concerned about my furry friend. He makes a new and strange sound. I have no idea what this is. He is only 1 years old. I have also noticed that he is less active and not the same. Guinea pig strange sound Thanks!
  2. Thecavycorner

    5 year old female guinea pig not eating and lethargic

    Hi my little piggie Polly is suddenly not eating anything. i have tried her with all of her favourites, hay, lettuce, cucumber and nuggets. she sniffs them like she wants to eat them but then she doesn’t actually eat them. i took her to the vet about a month ago as i was worried she was feeling...
  3. Pxhione

    New Piggies behaviour

    Hi guys! I'm brand new to this website... And brand new to owning some Guinea pigs! I did loads of research and finally brought home my two girls yesterday (seen in pic) from my local rescue. I understand that Guinea pigs can be very timid at first but these two haven't moved a single muscle...
  4. F

    Help! Is this guinea pig fungal?

    About 6 months ago I noticed a bit of what looked like brown fungal on bungles nose, sprayed it and it vanished in days.. maybe a few weeks after I noticed a brown ball of dead skin at the bottom side of his mouth. We treated with antifungal but no inprovement..Got the luecillin spray on bungle...
  5. GuineaPigGeek

    Help Asap!

    Hey you'll! I am currently building a 5 by 2 C and C cage with a 1 by 2 loft for my two boys, I am wanting to rescue a baby guinea pig from irresponsible people. Is a 1 by 5 c and c cage with a 1 by 1 loft big enough for her? It would fit nice on top of the one I'm building. If not what size...
  6. F

    Guinea Pig Help Me Please!

    Hi all. Please i need advice... I have had a male piggy for nearly 4 months now he is about 5-6 months old in total, quiet big already. But my problem is i desided to get him a female friend. Now she is about 6-9 weeks... now the male keeps mounting the female, not in a dominance way, in a...
  7. Heatherrrr712

    Please Help

    I got a guinea pig 9 days ago. She is acting normal, but today suddenly this lump started to grow under her chin. It doesn't bother her when I touch it. What could it be?
  8. MalaneGuy

    Guinea Pig Eyes (seeking Advice)

    Hello My name is MaLane. I own a full grown male Guinea pig. (I'm not sure what kind of breed he is. His all white but half his face and one ear is black). I noticed something when I first got him, his one of his eyes is kind of odd. Honestly, the only way I can explain it is that it looks like...