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guinea pig illness

  1. L

    Hole/Abscess on guinea pig’s back

    Hello, I’m very new here and in need of help from this forum, I am well aware that I should go to the vet to get this checked out, but money is tight at the moment and we’re still making decisions, I own six guinea pigs currently, and two of them (my oldest ones, Smores and Callie) have been...
  2. The_Cavies

    Guinea pig illness

    So Bruno had a minor respiratory infection was given medicine and now apparently he has a strep pneumonia, has anyone been in this position before?
  3. P

    Cervical lymphadenitis on Guinea pig

    Hey guys 1 of our female Guineas got diagnosed with Cervical lymphadenitis (bacterial infection of the throat glands) and has been given antibiotics for it. She has a week left on them and the lumps haven’t gone down at all. The vet said if they don’t go down the next time we next see her...
  4. piggies and sweet dreams

    My Guinea Pig is Making Weird Noises

    Hello everyone, please, please help me. My guinea pig is making weird noises. It seems that cough has been building up in his throat because when he sneezes/coughs, the noise stops for a moment but then comes back again. After he sneezes, he kind of moves back and forth in one place, as if he's...
  5. W


    I have owned guinea pigs for the first time, so i have no experience. My guinea pig is sneezing since a week, but its not very frequent and they are perfectly active and eating normally with no other symptoms like watery eyes and nose. Should i be concerned about it or is it normal ? Please any...
  6. R

    UTI Trouble?

    Hi All, Hoping for some advice. 2 weeks ago our little pig Bertie developed symptoms of a UTI (small blood spots in his urine) so we took him to the vet, where he was prescribed 0.75 ml of Enrobactin and 0.5ml of Metacam for the pain. Around 4 days later he was visibly in more pain when he...
  7. T

    Sneezing for weeks?

    Good evening everyone! My name is Kris. I've got 3 beautiful female piggies, but my baby Oreo (I'm not quite sure of her age, but my guess would be about 3 months old) has been sneezing for exactly 22 days now. The minute I'd first noticed, I took her straight to the vet, who put her on 2 weeks...
  8. justneeharika

    My Baby Guinea Pig Pluto died...

    He was 4 days old...I can’t cope with it..I keep crying. I wrote him a little letter- The gentlest, sweetest thing ever❤️ I love you so much, Pluto. I’m so so so sorry you suffered so much. I’ll never, ever forget you. It doesn’t matter that Loulou didn’t pay much attention to you...I loved...
  9. JoannaMarie

    Pain when weeing don't know what to do!

    My pig Alan has always had issues with his penis, mainly due to his long hair. Every few weeks he would start crying when he wees, i would then cut his hair on his tummy, clean his penis, and when necessary remove sperm rods (eeew!). He would then always stop crying and go back to normal. A...
  10. maisie

    Possible Stroke?

    Hi all :) Hope I'm posting this in the correct forum! We think our sow may have had some sort of stroke over the past few days, but I wanted to post on here to get other opinions. She's about 6/7 years old (estimated due to rescuing her and never knowing her correct age) and was healthy...
  11. leahp1803

    Help! Poorly Piggies

    help, I've got 3 piggies, 2 of which are poorly at the moment, I noticed on Thursday night one of them (rudi) had lost a dramatic amount of weight in a couple of days, about 400grams, so I rushed him straight to the vets, where she said he had an Ulser in his eye, and the pain could be causing...