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guinea pig

  1. 2Pigs2Many

    Bramble in 3rd cut Timothy Hay?

    This might be a strange question, but is 3rd cut Timothy Hay supposed to have these sharp brambles? I usually buy from RabbitHole Hay but they were out of stock on a 3rd cut I wanted to try, so I went to Small Pet Select (Which seems like a big mistake). I ended up cutting my hand so bad it...
  2. D

    Weird chirping noises

    I’ve had my guinea pig, Martin, for about 2 years now and he just started making these weird chirping noises almost like a bird. I took a video and it will be below. Please help. He’s never made these noises before. He’s just chilling in the corner of his cage and I’m worried. I googled it and...
  3. M

    Guinea pig houses

    Hey I have two male guinea pigs, they are babies at the moment so are currently living in a 4ft hutch and during the day they have a good sized pen if the weather is good. However, they are getting bigger and I would like to get them a bigger hutch as they will definitely need it. What is the...
  4. P

    Piggie not pooping

    Hi! My Piggie isn't pooping. She was pooping yesterday really well but today she seems to have stopped. She's not bloated, she's eating lots, and she's acting like herself. I do have cisapride for her but I know it's a hard medicine, should i give it to her (I have the dose and everything from...
  5. P

    How fast do URI's progress?

    My Piggie has been on Baytril for seven days, and Doxycycline for one. We stopped for three days because of a bad gas episode, which she's almost completely healed from now. My other piggie has finished ten days of Baytril already. The Piggie that just recovered from gases is sneezing lots, but...
  6. P

    Please help - loss of appetite and bloating

    My pigs are getting both Doxycycline and Baytril at once. I know giving cisapride with Baytril is fine, but is it still fine to give cisapride with both Doxycycline and Baytril? Also, this is a separate question, but on the Doxycycline it says "Take with food", but i can't give one Piggie...
  7. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Candy in her Igloo! 😊

    This is Candy! 😊 one of my little cuties! Right now she is relaxing in her igloo. Sorry if it’s kinda hard to see
  8. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Not Sure What Behavior Means

    Hi! So, I fed my guinea pig this morning, and I noticed that she did something strange that I hadn’t noticed ever before. She flattened her ears against her head and they moved up and down constantly while she was eating. I hope this doesn’t mean anything bad. Thank you, your help is much...
  9. E

    Guinea pig noises

    My guinea pig makes noises from time to time it’s hard to explain i do have a video to show if anyone is able to help me, but sometimes it sounds like he’s struggling for breath or when he’s eating like he’s in pain, it’s never constant just sometimes when he’s lying down or when he’s eating...
  10. emmafoote

    Guinea pig laying weirdly

    In the past couple of days my 2 1/2 - 3 year old male has been laying with one leg to the side of his body and one elevated as it would be if he were walking. Does anyone know what this could be?
  11. G

    My Guinea Pig’s Paw is Bleeding!

    Hi! I’m the owner of two guinea pigs. Patches (the older one) and Carmal (the younger one). So I came in to there cage to feed them their veggies. I then noticed Patches paw was red. At first, I thought it was just his coloring. So I fed Carmal his veggies. I also noticed that Patches didn’t eat...
  12. jenibee

    Is this a scratch or some kind of infection?

    So like a day ago I noticed what looked like dried poo on my guinea pigs nose. I tried to wipe it off but he kept moving and it wouldn't really come off. Today morning I saw that he had this red swipe above his nose. Could this be a scratch from maybe him trying to clean himself? the first...
  13. A

    I lost my guinea pig today.

    Hello! Today i sadly lost my guinea pig called Heidi. She was a very energetic piggy. She loved to explore. She also has a sister whos is called Mia. around two mothns ago we noticed a lump under her chin. We took her to a vet. The vet discoverd that it was abscess. She had to take surgery, to...
  14. AfternoonNarwhale101

    List why you love your piggies!

    Want to see what others like about owning guinea pigs:) I might use this to convince my parents. Photos welcomed!
  15. P

    Our guinea pigs are hiding from us.

    Hello all! I’m looking for some guidance today since our two young piggies Fawn and Willow are hiding from us and seem quite scared of us. If they can see you, they will hide. Even if you’re a good distance away from them. They run into their little house and don’t come out until you’ve left and...
  16. wstretnababa

    weird behavior

    Hi, i’m new to this site and english isn’t my first language, but i hope you will understand my problem. I have two guinea pigs, both male, they’re about 2 years old. They live together since then. One of them(Bialas is his name), started behaving unusual. He doesn’t have appetite, won’t eat or...
  17. G

    Guinea Pig Sounds

    Hi everyone, My guinea pig, Ginger, makes a strange deep purr noise and shakes whenever I pet her back. She doesn’t seem agitated or irritated. I can’t tell if this noise is good or bad. Please help! Here is a link to the YouTube video of the noise.
  18. Piggiesxoxo

    Help! Guinea pig’s foot!

    I just noticed this on my guinea pigs foot I got yesterday. What is it? is it contagious? to humans, pigs, both? Need to know asap. Begging, please help!
  19. Little Pigs

    Guinea Pig Breeders

    I was a little taken aback after discovering how truly hated breeders are by the vast majority of guinea pig owners. Now yes, I completely 100% agree with the reasons against breeders: yes there are too many in shelters, yes it can be dangerous for the sows and yes, people should not breed with...
  20. L

    Tumor/ cyst on lip?

    My 6 month male baby guinea pig named Loco recently formed this hard, puss-like blotch under his bottom lip. I thought I was food at first so I wiped with with a warm face clothes but it would rip his fur off because of how stuck it is. What is this and how can I help him? He lives with another...