guinea pig

  1. P

    Outdoor hutches for 6+ guinea pigs

    I currently have the 6ft bluebell outdoor hutch from pets at home, but my daughters keep asking for another GP to add to our 5 female piggies. Does anyone know of any other outdoor hutches for 6+ piggies? Or any ideas on how I can extend my current hutch? Thanks 😊
  2. P

    Best fleece liners for cages?

    Where does everyone buy their fleece bedding from? Is it ok to buy it from a supermarket (planning on putting puppy pads underneath or some type of waterproof material) any recommendations?
  3. P

    Bluebell hutch sizing!

    Hi guys, Does anyone know the INSIDE sizing of the bluebell Guinea pig hutch from pets at home? I already know the outdoor sizes but looking to change our bedding to fleece for our piggies instead of sawdust - it gets everywhere! If anyone also has any recommendations for fleeces for cages, let...
  4. L

    Escaped Guinea Pig under Decking

    Help! Please don’t judge but we haven’t even had our guinea pigs a week and my 9 year old thought it would be a good idea to let it have a bit more freedom whilst I was in the shower! The other is still in its cage but the escaped one is loose under a very large decking area which also has a very...
  5. Sapphire

    Travel with Guinea Pig Help!

    Hi guys! I am going away for a while soon, and I really don’t want to leave my guinea pig because all family and friends are busy. And I want to leave her with someone that she knows and is familiar with. I have a little travel case to take her in but I have no idea what to leave her in where...
  6. fluff.

    What do I do if my new guinea pig gets scared (and starts squealing very loudly?)

    this happened yesterday, but i still would like to know sorry for any incorrect grammar along the way so, like, i got my new guinea pig 2 days ago, set her in a temporary cage to quarantine her for a week, and later picked her up with my other guinea pig, placed them in the playpen, and set...
  7. Ozzyandjett

    My guinea pig ate some bindweed

    Hi there. One of our boys, Jett - was just enjoying some time in the garden. I noticed he was nibbling on bindweed and quickly ran over to his run to stop him, as I was unsure as to whether pigs can eat this stuff. Please can someone advise? I’m a bit worried. He seems okay for the time being...
  8. J


    Sorry to bother you, I'm new to this forum but one of my guinea pigs nibbled a little bit off a peace lily! I've heard they're highly poisonous and I really have no idea what to do. I can't believe I let one of them near one! Argh. Anyway, he seems okay for now but I scheduled a vet appointment...
  9. piggies and sweet dreams

    My Guinea Pig is Making Weird Noises

    Hello everyone, please, please help me. My guinea pig is making weird noises. It seems that cough has been building up in his throat because when he sneezes/coughs, the noise stops for a moment but then comes back again. After he sneezes, he kind of moves back and forth in one place, as if he's...
  10. Honey-Claw

    Identical Himalayan boars!

    I’m adopting two adorable Himalayan guinea pigs next weekend and I’m very excited! Only concern is, is they look identical (both male) how will I be able to tell them apart?
  11. A

    Small poops, Dehydration? Any advice appreciated!

    Hello everyone, please help me! My guinea pig (3yrs, female) has been making these really small poops recently (I'll attach a picture so you can see). I researched and it said possible illnesses could be dehydration or gut problems. I'm unsure if its gut problems since I reg give her probiotics...
  12. Timmy&Nugget

    Help: My mum won’t let me take proper care of my guinea pigs. Y

    Hello, Basically (as I have said in the title), my mum won’t allow me to provide better care. for my guinea pigs. I’m not allowed to give them hay each day, I can’t clean them put when I want to or cut their nails, I can’t let them out of their cage all the time and worst of all I cannot not...
  13. S

    Bad rash on guinea pigs butt

    Hi I got my guinea pig from petco a couple of weeks ago and she started developing a scab that soon turned into a bald spot and is sort of bleeding, I’m worried and confused if it’s mange or ringworm, she doesn’t have any hair loss anywhere else but that place. I started treating her for...
  14. seikami_kieruma

    Shampoo in Eye

    My guinea pig Lizzy has ring worm so I need to give her weekly baths and cream. But when bathing her I think some of the shampoo got in her eye... It's a little closed. Idk what to do.
  15. Thecavycorner

    5 year old female guinea pig not eating and lethargic

    Hi my little piggie Polly is suddenly not eating anything. i have tried her with all of her favourites, hay, lettuce, cucumber and nuggets. she sniffs them like she wants to eat them but then she doesn’t actually eat them. i took her to the vet about a month ago as i was worried she was feeling...
  16. D

    I need a friend for my guinea pig, but need convincing!

    Hi, I recently got a guinea pig called pocket. He is super cute and sweet and is acting great however, I want to give him a friend! I adopted pocket a month ago from a friend who found out he's allergic. My parents agreed to this as long as they didn't have to do anything. Now, I am asking...
  17. @the3piggies

    Toy with superglue

    Hi all! I bought a toy for my piggies at the pet store on Saturday and I was just looking at it and it looks like theres some superglue spilling out of the corners of it. It’s kinda hard to see in the photos but I was just wondering if that’s okay for them? Is it dangerous? It’s completely dry &...
  18. D

    Help! My new guinea pig worries me!

    Hi, I recently got my first pet a new guinea pig (pocket), last Thursday. A person in my neighborhood was giving him away because his new guinea pig wasn't getting along with this one. Pocket was slowly opening up and at the beginning wasn't eating but is now eating well. I have a few things to...
  19. Wheeksers

    Guinea Pig Fan Art: Space Blanket Piggy

    Hey all! I wanted to share so me fan art I did the other day of Amy Frances (Instagram). I'm really proud of the way this turned out! I'm hoping to make more and (hopefully) have my own creation. I suck a drawing or being original in that regard, so I tend to lean heavily on other's work. But...
  20. @the3piggies

    Piggie slow and tired.

    Hi all! I recently adopted Mazie and she was always very shy and not super active, but then she started to get more used to me and her home, and today shes been really inactive and slow, she seems tired and almost sad? She’s always run to her hideout when someone besides me gets near her cage...