guinea pig

  1. mrs.mcdaniel

    Newborn guinea pig is drooling

    Hello, recently one of my guinea pigs gave birth to 2 baby is completely fine and healthy but the other one seems to have issues...for some reason his own mother kind of neglected him when it was born? and now his drooling all over..and I have no idea what to do... both babies are...
  2. Mage of Mist

    Some concerns with Pedro's eyesight

    I have some concerns on whether Pedro is just short sighted or has general eyesight problems, he was rescued from a hoarder's hoard of 200+ guinea pigs, so I was prepared for potential issues. I have read contrasing information on red eyed piggies having less cones than darker eyed pigs causing...
  3. Mage of Mist

    Just Got Two Rescue Piggies! (Image heavy)

    Meet Percy and Pedro the bonded boar guinea pigs I got 2 days ago. ^^ They are both rescue piggies from two different homes, but have been bonded and are now living here, with plenty of veggies and love. Also I am aware the cage is rather small as this is the best I can do until we get the flat...
  4. N

    Guinea pig white powder on fur around bum area

    Hello so my guinea pig has white dusty looking stuff on her for around her but I want to make sure that this is or somewhat normal or should I take her to the vet
  5. A

    Hooting noise

    Hello:) I bought my guinea pig (Buzz) from pets at home on 08/03/2020. I noticed in the car on the way home that he had a clear drip from his nose and his chest sounded like a clicking/hooting noise. I rang pets at home the following day to inform them of this, they agreed to treat him at their...
  6. S

    Guinea pig doesn't seem herself?

    I'm scared to post this as I know everyone's gonna come at me over this but atm things are a struggle for me especially with my local area currently being in an extremely strict lockdown. My female guinea pig has started acting different today, all she wants to do is burrow under her fleese...
  7. A

    Guinea pig may have eaten chocolate!

    Hi guys, I was just looking for some reassurance, my skinny pig, Piggy, may have eaten chocolate off the floor. We have a small box that we put piddle pads in on the floor when we bring him downstairs so if he has to pee or he poops or we need to put him down it’s right there We put him down...
  8. H

    Cats and guinea pigs?

    Good evening! My boyfriend and I currently live in a two bedroom apartment and we are looking to move to a one bedroom. Two bedrooms are getting too expensive right now! My three guinea pigs stay in a separate bedroom away from my cat. She is not allowed in the room at all. She’s very very...
  9. mytwomaleguineas

    Can I have 2 spayed females with my two boars?

    I currently have 2 male guinea pigs in a 8 by 10 feet enclosure and they are allowed to free roam whenever they want. There are 2 female guinea pigs near my animal shelter and I’m willing to adopt them and give all of them a bigger space. However I’ve read that 2 males with 2 females wouldn’t...
  10. AmandaPanda

    Please help, my guinea pig isn’t eating her hay!

    My 4 year old guinea pig is not eating her hay. I got afraid she wasn’t eating anything and then I gave her some grass as a test and she ate it. She is also still eating her veggies. So she is still eating, but I don’t want her to get used to grass or veggies since hay is better for them and...
  11. Kirbs


    here is howard this is louie and mr muffin
  12. Lorenslittlepigs

    Guinea Pig in pain when he wee/poo

    Hi everyone, Jerry my guineapig is 7 years old. On Monday I noticed a case of fly strike starting on his back (during the heat wave it has been incredibly hard to keep cool whilst keeping flys away) it was early days so luckily got rid of the maggots and took him to the vet where she checked him...
  13. C

    Are guinea pigs supposed to do this 😂

    My guinea pig does this when we’re giving him food maybe he’s part meerkat
  14. K

    Odd scab that doesn’t really look like a scab on my guinea pig?

    Hello, when I was holding my guinea pig I saw a piece of lifted fur up and decided to lift it up and saw this... have no idea what it is and it looks like some kind of Infection. At first I thought it was a scab but looking at it more closely it doesn’t look like a scab. I plan to take him to...
  15. sadiedk

    White discharge in eyes

    Today I noticed my hairless guinea pig had some white discharge in one of his eyes and I’ve never seen that before. I googled it and have read about how white discharge is natural for cleaning, but I’m still a little concerned. I watched him clean himself and more discharge came out of his eye...
  16. edgarallanpaw

    adding a second guinea pig?

    so about seven months ago i was looking for my first guinea pig pet and my local store explained that they’d recently had three guineas brought in who had had to be separated. they’d been there for a few days-a week alone, and only one was ready to be adopted. so i took him home and he seems to...
  17. Wheeky_pigs

    Growing Vegas for the pigs

    I started growing some veg this year for my piggies (I have 20 so they go through ALOT of veg every day). This is my first year and so far have had a bit of success with lettuce, kale and cabbage. I’ve got tomatoes, carrots, runner beans, cucumbers, and peppers will waiting to grow and flower...
  18. A

    Ear twitching and head tilting

    Hi everyone, meet Snowball. Snowball is my 1 year old guinea pig who has been extremely healthy up until this point. This morning, i brought her and my other girl onto the table because their cage was ready for cleaning. Right away, i noticed Snowballs ear twitching while she was eating, i...
  19. E

    Piggie paw print?

    Does anyone know any guinea pig safe ink/paint that I could use to make their paw prints x
  20. Queenjellybeany

    Burrowing Mites Advice PLEASE!!

    Hi all! I've just signed up to this forum as I am desperately seeking some advice. I have two female himmys which I picked up in January, so only months old. One of the ladies started itching and before I knew it she had an open wound behind her ear from a bite. I took both pigs to the vets on...