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guinea pig

  1. B

    Crusty eye

    My guinea pigs eye is getting crust around it what should I do?
  2. E

    My guineas ate iceberg lettuce, help?!

    Hey everyone I recently took over my friends guinea pigs. Two women. When i went to pick them up my friend gave me a package of lettuce she said she fed them every day. It was ice berg lettuce! Appearently they have been eating that for half a year, I’m very worried! What can happen to them now?
  3. Z

    Should I get a guinea pig ?***

    I really like guinea pigs but my mum is so fussy with animals . Do guinea pigs smell and how big is the cage needed ?
  4. ChubbyCarrots

    My 2 year old bit me!

    Coco has always been so tame and and rarely bites. I don’t even remember the last time he bit me, but today he bit my 3 times! All 3 were bad bites too, 2 left me bleeding and one left a mark. Should I be worried please?
  5. Kirstie :)

    Help Me Name My New Piggy!

    Hello! I am getting a female piggy in around a month. :yahoo: I'm looking for some name suggestions - something unrelated to looks and behaviour. At the moment, I quite like the name Pippa or Bella, but I'm very open to suggestions! She is going to be the companion of my current piggy Gorm...
  6. winniethepooh

    How Long Does Dominance Last?

    Yesterday I put my two boars in a bigger cage that is 2 x 6 grids. They are doing the usual stuff, teeth chattering, rumble-strutting and mounting. How long does this dominance usually last?
  7. TheLottiediarys

    Home Remedy For Ringworm?

    I'm searching a bit about treating ringworm because I suspect that Aurora has it and the vets just keep telling me it's skin problems she's been pigeon holed as having >:(. While researching I've come across this Guinea Pig website that states using anti dandruff shampoo and anti fungal creams...
  8. ChubbyCarrots

    Fungal Stripe? Please Help!

    His nose before His nose after Hey guys, it’s Lily. I recently noticed Coco had a white line on his nose, I took him out of the hutch immediately because I never noticed it. My other guinea pig, Buddy, doesn’t have the same line. I split Coco’s fur in half and to my horror it was a snowstorm...
  9. Ineedapiggie

    Money For Guinea Pigs

    I was wondering, I really want a guinea pig. But, how could I make money for them? How do you guys save up money to pay for your guinea pigs?
  10. Kiko+Peanut

    Possible Broken Leg.

    :help:I could use some help. I'm afraid Kiko's leg might be broken or injured. She limps everywhere and doesn't run, popcorn, anything. Peanut follows her everywhere and gives her a good nudge when Kiko plops down. Peanut is trying her best to help her. My mother was trying to check out Kiko's...
  11. E

    Not Eating And Heavy Breathing

    Hi, my name is Ellie I'm new to this forum as I am desperate for some advice about my pig Tony. At the moment he is not eating, drinking or being his usual self. I can see him heavily breathing and don't know how to help him. He's acting very lethargic as in lying around more than usual and not...
  12. Kiko+Peanut

    Anyone Else For The Ccc? (crested Cavy Club)

    Well, we all know @Betsy's Dennis has the Stripey Nose Club and Kiko was happy to know that she qualified! But Peanut was jealous because Kiko got to join the cool kids. So Peanut decided she wanted her own club! The Crested Piggies. It can be Self Crested or American Crested. Peanut just...
  13. olrosy

    Guinea Pig (pickles) Passed Away..

    Hello, My guinea pig passed away today. I’m not sure if he passed while i was sleeping but i think that’s the case. He was refusing to eat on Sunday and i noticed he wouldn’t drink either and would stay in one place. As it was sunday none of the vets i live around were open so i was supposed to...
  14. winniethepooh

    I Need A Plan Quick!

    So, since my cage isn't big enough for 2 piggies, I decided to keep Winnie in a pet store cage for a few days because we are deciding on how and where we are going to build our HUGE C&C guinea pig cage. I need some ideas because obviously, pet store cages are too small but that is the only...
  15. Jenna Amore

    Lip Bleed - Help!

    GUINEA PIG LOVERS! I need your help with my 8 month old Abyssinian guinea pig, Ginger! She was in my arms and got startled by a loud sound and jumped out of my arms to the ground. She landed on her feet, thankfully, but I noticed her lip was bleeding just below her mouth. It didn’t bleed for...
  16. winniethepooh

    Fleece Bedding Is Better?

    I am thinking about switching to fleece bedding because it seems to fit my standards. I need fleece that I can just wash every day and will not leak through and have a washable absorbent layer. Right now, I currently have store-bought bedding, which everyone knows is a hassle to keep up with so...
  17. Emily Jane

    Need Help With Medication

    hello, My guinea pig, cutie, was prescribed too medications by the vet. I’m fine with giving her them and was cleaning the syringes and when I came back I have here the medicine. However, I got the bottles mixed up and gave her 0.3 ml of Metacam instead of 0.25ml. I thought the medicine I was...
  18. Soumyadeep

    Guinea Pig With Cockatiel

    Hey guys, check out my single guinea pig and the cockatiel trying to bond together.
  19. Abbie Brooks

    Ideas For Exercise Runs?

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and do not have any guinea pigs. I have had a pair of boars previously. I have been longing for another pair of guinea pigs (I can't due to timing and money). Also I do not know if this thread is in the right topic but I assumed it came under care. I wondered if...
  20. TBSam

    Should I Build This?

    I was thinking of building a cage just like this Living World Green Eco Habitat | Free P&P on orders £29+ at zooplus! But bigger, ( 2 x 4.5 ) with a roof thats attached with a hinge instead of lifting it up. I have two guinea pigs (male) but I dont have much room in my room lol. I just have a...