guinea pig

  1. wstretnababa

    weird behavior

    Hi, i’m new to this site and english isn’t my first language, but i hope you will understand my problem. I have two guinea pigs, both male, they’re about 2 years old. They live together since then. One of them(Bialas is his name), started behaving unusual. He doesn’t have appetite, won’t eat or...
  2. G

    Guinea Pig Sounds

    Hi everyone, My guinea pig, Ginger, makes a strange deep purr noise and shakes whenever I pet her back. She doesn’t seem agitated or irritated. I can’t tell if this noise is good or bad. Please help! Here is a link to the YouTube video of the noise.
  3. Piggiesxoxo

    Help! Guinea pig’s foot!

    I just noticed this on my guinea pigs foot I got yesterday. What is it? is it contagious? to humans, pigs, both? Need to know asap. Begging, please help!
  4. Little Pigs

    Guinea Pig Breeders

    I was a little taken aback after discovering how truly hated breeders are by the vast majority of guinea pig owners. Now yes, I completely 100% agree with the reasons against breeders: yes there are too many in shelters, yes it can be dangerous for the sows and yes, people should not breed with...
  5. L

    Tumor/ cyst on lip?

    My 6 month male baby guinea pig named Loco recently formed this hard, puss-like blotch under his bottom lip. I thought I was food at first so I wiped with with a warm face clothes but it would rip his fur off because of how stuck it is. What is this and how can I help him? He lives with another...
  6. Pxhione

    New Piggies behaviour

    Hi guys! I'm brand new to this website... And brand new to owning some Guinea pigs! I did loads of research and finally brought home my two girls yesterday (seen in pic) from my local rescue. I understand that Guinea pigs can be very timid at first but these two haven't moved a single muscle...
  7. ignuxas6

    can i get third guinea pig in cage like this?

    I have two girls already. both about 3 month old. measurements 100x50cm ant second floor 35x50 cm
  8. Isabela

    Ill piggy?

    I have a piggie and she started losing some hair around her nose in the past couple of days and today I noticed she has a scab (I don't really know the word for it) on the nose. What could it be? I really hope it's not a fungal infection. The piggies have been having some ''dominance vocal...
  9. GuineaPigNoob

    Cute piggies! 😊

    Now this, my friends, is a REAL pig in a blanket! ❤️ Post cute piggy pictures, please please please?
  10. Stuart74

    Guinea pig being put down

    My guinea oig ollie is 2 and half years old.. He has maluccusion and since last march has had his teeth trimmed every 3 months... Last visit he now has 4 teeth in and outgrowing at the back effectively now stopping him eating and its now down to me to syring feed him... Vet said its the worst...
  11. GuineaPigNoob

    2 Guinea Pigs won’t get along!

    We used to have a guinea pig, but she got so lonely that we got another girl. Candy, the old one, was supposed to get along with Holly, the new one, but no. Holly litterly sticks her nose near Candy bottom and won’t stop after A MONTH. Candy is getting so annoyed and is biting Holly constantly...
  12. S

    What could be wrong with my Guinea Pig / What are signs of sawdust allergy?

    Hello, Ok so, um, where do I start? My guinea has been squeaking weirdly, like a wheek, but with a wheezy side. She keeps sneezing, but I haven’t noticed her nose running, or anything coming from her eyes, and I’ve checked her cage and there’s no diarrhoea from what I can see. It’s quite...
  13. J

    Grieving guinea pig?

    I wrote a post on Wednesday that one of my guinea pigs sadly passed due to cancer. We had two boys which has left us with one (both males) and at first my guinea pig was fine. He was a little bit jittery but he has been interacting and eating normally. I took him to the vets yesterday for a...
  14. G

    Specialist Guinea pig loud breathing and coughing

    Our guinea pig has been having difficulty breathing and also now has a cough. He has been to a vet who’s said his lungs we’re fine and that it could be allergies. His nose and lips do get quite pale and he really struggles to breathe. Baytril didn’t help him. His breathing is very loud and...
  15. P

    Self Black Male Guinea Pig (Jack) with Sore Eye

    Hello, I hope you are all well. I am posting in hopes that someone may have an answer or similar experience. I've attached a picture of Jack, my mother's Self Black guinea pig. He is about 18 months old and my mum purchased him from a breeder. She had another Self Black (called Eevee) from the...
  16. E

    Two Male Guinea Pigs

    I have two male piggies, around 6-7 months old. One of them is unfortunately causing a bit of trouble (Merry) and it constantly asserting his dominance. By this I mean shaking his bum and making the ‘durring’ noise as I call it, chasing my other piggie around and non- sexually mounting. My other...
  17. Kiko+Peanut

    Welcome Misty

    A warm welcome to our newest member of the family! Misty was adopted today and is already comfortable... Unless you pick her up. 😉 She's so cheeky. 🖤
  18. M

    Difficult Guinea Pig

    Hey all! I got my first guinea pig last year. When i first got her she was super sweet and didn’t seem to have a problem (she was also just itty bitty). Now moving more closer to her 1st birthday she can’t stand to be handled.. bites (where blood is drawn) and just overall hates me or my...
  19. Isabela

    Limping guinea pig

    Hello, I just found my guinea pig limping. She was laying and when I was cleaning she didn't come looking at what I was doing as always. Then she had to move because I was cleaning and I saw her limping. She has one front foot in the air and sometimes licks it. Sometimes she stands on it, but...
  20. A


    I have two guinea pigs, Edmund and Messi. I took Edmund and Messi to the vet to get a check up as Edmund looked to have an eye infection of sort. The vet said Messi's skin was a bit dry so recommended lice treatment (cream on back) in case there was any parasite. I said no if he didnt have any...