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guinea pig

  1. Timmy&Nugget

    Help: My mum won’t let me take proper care of my guinea pigs. Y

    Hello, Basically (as I have said in the title), my mum won’t allow me to provide better care. for my guinea pigs. I’m not allowed to give them hay each day, I can’t clean them put when I want to or cut their nails, I can’t let them out of their cage all the time and worst of all I cannot not...
  2. S

    Bad rash on guinea pigs butt

    Hi I got my guinea pig from petco a couple of weeks ago and she started developing a scab that soon turned into a bald spot and is sort of bleeding, I’m worried and confused if it’s mange or ringworm, she doesn’t have any hair loss anywhere else but that place. I started treating her for...
  3. seikami_kieruma

    Shampoo in Eye

    My guinea pig Lizzy has ring worm so I need to give her weekly baths and cream. But when bathing her I think some of the shampoo got in her eye... It's a little closed. Idk what to do.
  4. Thecavycorner

    5 year old female guinea pig not eating and lethargic

    Hi my little piggie Polly is suddenly not eating anything. i have tried her with all of her favourites, hay, lettuce, cucumber and nuggets. she sniffs them like she wants to eat them but then she doesn’t actually eat them. i took her to the vet about a month ago as i was worried she was feeling...
  5. D

    I need a friend for my guinea pig, but need convincing!

    Hi, I recently got a guinea pig called pocket. He is super cute and sweet and is acting great however, I want to give him a friend! I adopted pocket a month ago from a friend who found out he's allergic. My parents agreed to this as long as they didn't have to do anything. Now, I am asking...
  6. @the3piggies

    Toy with superglue

    Hi all! I bought a toy for my piggies at the pet store on Saturday and I was just looking at it and it looks like theres some superglue spilling out of the corners of it. It’s kinda hard to see in the photos but I was just wondering if that’s okay for them? Is it dangerous? It’s completely dry &...
  7. D

    Help! My new guinea pig worries me!

    Hi, I recently got my first pet a new guinea pig (pocket), last Thursday. A person in my neighborhood was giving him away because his new guinea pig wasn't getting along with this one. Pocket was slowly opening up and at the beginning wasn't eating but is now eating well. I have a few things to...
  8. Wheeksers

    Guinea Pig Fan Art: Space Blanket Piggy

    Hey all! I wanted to share so me fan art I did the other day of Amy Frances (Instagram). I'm really proud of the way this turned out! I'm hoping to make more and (hopefully) have my own creation. I suck a drawing or being original in that regard, so I tend to lean heavily on other's work. But...
  9. @the3piggies

    Piggie slow and tired.

    Hi all! I recently adopted Mazie and she was always very shy and not super active, but then she started to get more used to me and her home, and today shes been really inactive and slow, she seems tired and almost sad? She’s always run to her hideout when someone besides me gets near her cage...
  10. C

    Fleece Bedding Laundry Nightmare

    So I have had a fleece liner for a long time now, and since I got tired of handwashing it, I decided to buy a pet laundry bag so I could wash it in the laundry machine. Yesterday, I tried out the laundry bag for the first time. I only have one fleece liner, so I placed that inside the bag and...
  11. E

    Guinea Pig sounds

    hey guys I just got a guinea pig like 3 months ago and I'm wondering what kind of sound is my pig making? here is the link to that sound I hope you reply guys
  12. F

    One of my guinea pigs is extremely mad at partner

    I have two female guinea pigs and Waffle, one of them has been very mad at my other pig, lava for around a month. There are no bites or anything but waffle rumble struts at lava even when they aren't close together. Waffle rumble struts ever 5 to 10 minutes sometimes for no apparent reason...
  13. emily21

    Facts about your piggies that always make you happy

    During these rough times I think a lot of us could use something to smile at so I think we should share three facts about our little boars and sows. I have three boars each one with a different personality and their own little quirks. So here is a fact about each of my guinea pigs that...
  14. D

    Where are some good places to get indoor cages from?

    Where are some good website to get an indoor cage from? i am in the UK it will need a lid on the cage
  15. Kirbs

    painting 😀

    the art and the inspiration
  16. O


    https://www.amazon.co.uk/HomeChi-Detachable-Breathable-Transparent-Enclosure/dp/B08JCQ552Y Thinking of this as a playpen for hamster but can be used for guinea pigs too for floortime. What do you all think of this? Thanks
  17. Kellykels

    Kelly's Cavies.

    I am starting a thread for just piggy pics so hopefully my guineas will bond. Womble will go in with the girls on Saturday as the 5th Feb is 8 weeks since his castration which is what the vet advised. A reintroduction and personality trait update. The first guinea pigs I owned - Womble and...
  18. O

    How do guinea pigs compare with hamsters (in terms of workload, costs etc from a uk perspective)?

    Hi, I am the proud owner of a male syrian hamster who I love very much. I find cleaning after him and taming him fairly manageable. However, I am very intrigued by guinea pigs and I was just wondering- is it that much more difficult than hamster ownership? I understand that the space...
  19. C

    My dog is having weird behaviour around my Guinea Pigs?

    Hey everyone! My 17 year older dog who has never had babies has a constant habit of trying to throw my quilt onto the guinea pigs with his nose, they’re in a cage but he tries to do it through the bars. He’s not doing it visciously in fact he lays with them around him but I’m just wondering if...
  20. M

    Guinea pig still won’t eat or drink

    Hi, I’m really desperate for help. I noticed my boar Milo wasn’t himself just less than a week ago. He wasn’t eating much, wasn’t moving around, had a weepy eye and crusts around his eye, was really lethargic and not himself. I took him to the vet and they said it was an infection and he was...