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  1. Teazel 2017

    Happy birthday Teazel and Snowy!

    It was Teazel and Snowy, the twins, birthday on Saturday! They turned 1 and here are some pics!
  2. PiggiesAndPaws

    Aftercare for a Guinea Pig After a Stroke - Part 1

    A couple of weeks ago my guinea pig suffered from a stroke. There was no particular reason or cause it just happened out of nowhere. He is getting older now and he's approaching 3 years old so his age could be the reason. I wasn't there to witness his stroke but there are a few easy symptoms to...
  3. NuggetPipey


    Pipey and Nugget both make strange sounds when I put my ear to them. It almost sounds like hissing! Is it normal for breathing to sound like that? It sounds like thhh, thhh, thhh. Pipey especially makes that sound.
  4. Rytix

    Something wrong with guinea pig leg (broken?)

    I was recently on vacation for 4 days and had my neighbours watching over my guinea pigs, but when I returned today there was a problem with one of my female guinea pigs. Her right hind leg was being dragged and she put her weight on her other side. Her leg was fine before I left for vacation...
  5. L

    Runny nose

    The only times he has runny nose is only when he's in his cage and even then it doesn't happen often (what the cage contains: litter, his own pillow and hay), but when he goes out everything is fine again. Should I change something in the cage? Or is it something worse?
  6. A

    Not himself?

    Hello, so my guinea pig is about 2/3 years old, and lately he’s stopped being himself, he used to bite me and now he’s stopped, he isn’t eating so now we’ve tried baby food because he’s losing weight rapidly, he isn’t drinking nor pooping, so we took him to the vet and he had a tooth problem so...
  7. J

    2 Female Pigs

    Hello! My name is Jennifer. My husband and I recently became piggy parents and I just need a little advice! Neither of us have owned guinea pigs before. To start, we were intending to only get one pig for now and add another later. We had the cage ready to go for when we brought her home. But...
  8. NuggetPipey

    Nugget and Pipey's sensitive spot

    When I scratch Nugget or Pipey on the hindquarters, they both react different. Pipey screams, turns and tries to bite me, while Nugget purrs and rubs his face on the ground. Why do they wonder about their areas getting touched so much?
  9. dannif_piggies

    Guinea Pig (and hamster) accessories websites?

    Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knows of cheap (but good) guinea pig (and/or hamster) accessories websites. Ive used zooplus and petplanet, but are there any others that people recommend. Ideally looking for the smaller (less obvious) places, so not eBay... Amazon... etc. I would also...
  10. Iluvmyguineapigs

    I’m going back to school- will my guinea pig be lonely?

    I’m going back to school and my guinea pig needs lots of attention cause he does not have a friend. Will he be lonely? I know my dad will be with him but I’m worried he will get lonely- I’m in school for 8 hours. I have to go to school at 7:30 and I leave at 3:10. Please give me advice so I can...
  11. Sonnet

    Comfy, Sprout?

    Took him out for a cuddle just now. He decided that my hand made the perfect sitting place, and wouldn’t move!
  12. Iluvmyguineapigs

    What breed is my guinea pig?

    I’m not sure what breed my guinea pig is! He looks like this
  13. Angelcake30

    Small bump on nose

    I just now noticed this strange bump on my piggies nose and I was just wondering if anyone knew what it was and could help me out. Couldnt get this piggie to hold still for anything (she just wanted to see what this strange object was trying to take a picture of her :P) So sorry for the poor...
  14. C

    Are my piggies sick again?

    Hello I have 3 guinea pigs, 2 live together the one is on his own. They are all 11 months old I’ve had them since the start of this year. The Guinean pig living by himself had a respiratory infection around march this year. Then the 2 piggies living together but had respiratory infections in...
  15. C

    Does my male guinea pig living on his own need a companion?

    Hello everyone😁 In January 2018 I adopted 3 male guinea pigs from pets at home, I was told they did get on and that Waffle was the most dominant guinea pig and in the first few days some fights may go on as they settle into their new home. So I brought them home (they have a very large cage)...
  16. M

    Washing fleece bedding?

    So I've had my pigs on pine wood shavings for two years. And my parents are tight gits and don't want to change because we get the wood shavings free. I've noticed their feet being extra red and I know it the wood shavings fault, and I can't just lay hay on the floor because last time I started...
  17. court29x

    long time no see..

    Haven't been on here in ages! Finished college for the year and its now officially my summer! Been just over a year I've had my 2 little piggies, they are still absolutely mental but still happy and healthy! Struggling to find shade in the garden for them :no: first thing this morning I put...
  18. B

    Crusty eye

    My guinea pigs eye is getting crust around it what should I do?
  19. E

    My guineas ate iceberg lettuce, help?!

    Hey everyone I recently took over my friends guinea pigs. Two women. When i went to pick them up my friend gave me a package of lettuce she said she fed them every day. It was ice berg lettuce! Appearently they have been eating that for half a year, I’m very worried! What can happen to them now?
  20. Z

    Should I get a guinea pig ?***

    I really like guinea pigs but my mum is so fussy with animals . Do guinea pigs smell and how big is the cage needed ?