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guinea pig

  1. Isabela

    Limping guinea pig

    Hello, I just found my guinea pig limping. She was laying and when I was cleaning she didn't come looking at what I was doing as always. Then she had to move because I was cleaning and I saw her limping. She has one front foot in the air and sometimes licks it. Sometimes she stands on it, but...
  2. A


    I have two guinea pigs, Edmund and Messi. I took Edmund and Messi to the vet to get a check up as Edmund looked to have an eye infection of sort. The vet said Messi's skin was a bit dry so recommended lice treatment (cream on back) in case there was any parasite. I said no if he didnt have any...
  3. Sonnet


    Just to show how wriggly he is, even when having cuddles! Sprout, by comparison, would just sit there.
  4. Nikolapalak

    Guinea pigs and rabbit

    Hi all, I’ve got two guinea pigs and I was just wondering if it’s ok to get a rabbit as well? Of course I wouldn’t keep them in the same cage or close to each other, they would literally only be in the same flat. I wouldn’t let them be with each other at all. Are there any risks with them...
  5. M

    Does my guinea pig have dry skin?

    Hello. This is my first post here, and really, the only reason I created this account is because I’m slightly worried about my guinea pig. I noticed some specks on his fur and I’m not exactly sure what they are. Dry skin? I honestly don’t know. Does anyone know what the specks are (shown in the...
  6. PiggiesAndPaws

    Dealing with loss?

    I don’t think I’ve cried as much as I have after losing my baby. His final few minutes with me were spent snuggling with me listening to ‘Somewhere only we know’. When he passed away I didn’t cry. I was just completely numb. The second I closed my bedroom door I just collapsed and started...
  7. Zelsi

    Bathing - After effects? Help!

    I have just finished giving my piggy a bath. He had a UTI and had urine in his fur so I decided he needed a wash to get rid of it. Afterwards he was shivery and stressed so I wrapped him in a towel and gave him snacks. I dried him on low-heat with a hairdryer and made sure he was warm, dry and...
  8. PiggiesAndPaws

    Guinea Pig 3rd Severe Stroke - Please Help!

    Hi there, my guinea pig has been having strokes since September and I really have no idea what to do! I can’t take him to the vets because they’re all closed, he’s paralysed and can only move his front two paws slightly, he’s still pooping but he looks like he’s dead. I know that he’s still...
  9. Isabela

    Cage cleaning

    Hello I was wondering what to use for cage cleaning. I was always using white vinegar and water but the cage is getting smellier and smellier. I read that you should use detergent and water before the vinegar and water? If so, what type should I use and how long should I wait for it to start...
  10. Teazel 2017

    Happy birthday Teazel and Snowy!

    It was Teazel and Snowy, the twins, birthday on Saturday! They turned 1 and here are some pics!
  11. PiggiesAndPaws

    Aftercare for a Guinea Pig After a Stroke - Part 1

    A couple of weeks ago my guinea pig suffered from a stroke. There was no particular reason or cause it just happened out of nowhere. He is getting older now and he's approaching 3 years old so his age could be the reason. I wasn't there to witness his stroke but there are a few easy symptoms to...
  12. NuggetPipey


    Pipey and Nugget both make strange sounds when I put my ear to them. It almost sounds like hissing! Is it normal for breathing to sound like that? It sounds like thhh, thhh, thhh. Pipey especially makes that sound.
  13. Rytix

    Something wrong with guinea pig leg (broken?)

    I was recently on vacation for 4 days and had my neighbours watching over my guinea pigs, but when I returned today there was a problem with one of my female guinea pigs. Her right hind leg was being dragged and she put her weight on her other side. Her leg was fine before I left for vacation...
  14. L

    Runny nose

    The only times he has runny nose is only when he's in his cage and even then it doesn't happen often (what the cage contains: litter, his own pillow and hay), but when he goes out everything is fine again. Should I change something in the cage? Or is it something worse?
  15. A

    Not himself?

    Hello, so my guinea pig is about 2/3 years old, and lately he’s stopped being himself, he used to bite me and now he’s stopped, he isn’t eating so now we’ve tried baby food because he’s losing weight rapidly, he isn’t drinking nor pooping, so we took him to the vet and he had a tooth problem so...
  16. J

    2 Female Pigs

    Hello! My name is Jennifer. My husband and I recently became piggy parents and I just need a little advice! Neither of us have owned guinea pigs before. To start, we were intending to only get one pig for now and add another later. We had the cage ready to go for when we brought her home. But...
  17. NuggetPipey

    Nugget and Pipey's sensitive spot

    When I scratch Nugget or Pipey on the hindquarters, they both react different. Pipey screams, turns and tries to bite me, while Nugget purrs and rubs his face on the ground. Why do they wonder about their areas getting touched so much?
  18. dannif_piggies

    Guinea Pig (and hamster) accessories websites?

    Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knows of cheap (but good) guinea pig (and/or hamster) accessories websites. Ive used zooplus and petplanet, but are there any others that people recommend. Ideally looking for the smaller (less obvious) places, so not eBay... Amazon... etc. I would also...
  19. Iluvmyguineapigs

    I’m going back to school- will my guinea pig be lonely?

    I’m going back to school and my guinea pig needs lots of attention cause he does not have a friend. Will he be lonely? I know my dad will be with him but I’m worried he will get lonely- I’m in school for 8 hours. I have to go to school at 7:30 and I leave at 3:10. Please give me advice so I can...
  20. Sonnet

    Comfy, Sprout?

    Took him out for a cuddle just now. He decided that my hand made the perfect sitting place, and wouldn’t move!