guinea pig

  1. edgarallanpaw

    adding a second guinea pig?

    so about seven months ago i was looking for my first guinea pig pet and my local store explained that they’d recently had three guineas brought in who had had to be separated. they’d been there for a few days-a week alone, and only one was ready to be adopted. so i took him home and he seems to...
  2. Wheeky_pigs

    Growing Vegas for the pigs

    I started growing some veg this year for my piggies (I have 20 so they go through ALOT of veg every day). This is my first year and so far have had a bit of success with lettuce, kale and cabbage. I’ve got tomatoes, carrots, runner beans, cucumbers, and peppers will waiting to grow and flower...
  3. A

    Ear twitching and head tilting

    Hi everyone, meet Snowball. Snowball is my 1 year old guinea pig who has been extremely healthy up until this point. This morning, i brought her and my other girl onto the table because their cage was ready for cleaning. Right away, i noticed Snowballs ear twitching while she was eating, i...
  4. E

    Piggie paw print?

    Does anyone know any guinea pig safe ink/paint that I could use to make their paw prints x
  5. Queenjellybeany

    Burrowing Mites Advice PLEASE!!

    Hi all! I've just signed up to this forum as I am desperately seeking some advice. I have two female himmys which I picked up in January, so only months old. One of the ladies started itching and before I knew it she had an open wound behind her ear from a bite. I took both pigs to the vets on...
  6. S

    Guinea pig scab

    Hello! We have just noticed this little scab on my guineas belly. His brother was treated for a fungal infection a couple weeks ago and everything has been disinfected since then. They were also treated for mites over a month ago. Any idea what it may be? Thanks!
  7. ailedo

    HELP! Sprained guinea pig

    Two days ago, my guinea pig's (F) foot got stuck in between the cage bars. Now she's limping and holding it up whenever she lies down. I think it's a sprain because she can still put some weight on it without crying out and when I checked it, it didn't seem to have any broken bones nor looked...
  8. J

    Guinea pig skin problems Help please

    Been to the vets twice they gave me introfungol and antibacterial stuff to give him. None of them have worked. Rang the vets and he don't know what it is he wants to do some tests which is going to cost loads iv already spend 70 pound on the vets and haven't gotten anywhere . Has anyone got any...
  9. K

    Advice needed on introducing guinea pigs

    Hey everyone! I am new to owning guinea pigs but I am already in love! I have a baby who is about 3 months old and she came with an eye infection so I wanted to get her a friend after I had finished the medicine process. I finally finished a couple days ago and she seems to be doing well. I...
  10. Y

    Guinea pig leg

    hay, every few minutes my guinea pig leg rotating very fast... what does that mean?
  11. S

    Guinea Pig jumped out my hands and injured itself

    Hi, I feel so quilty at the moment and really worried. I took my guinea pig out the cage and gave her some treats. When I put her back into her cage with the other guinea pigs she doesn't usually move much when she gets near the cage but tonight she decided to jump out my hands. About a foot...
  12. Wt.pigs

    Blood in guinea pig pee

    I put my guinea pig on a blanket and she peed and it looks like there’s a bit of blood on it? Does anyone know what this can be?
  13. Lattepiggo

    Sick Pig :(

    Hello everyone, my female 4 year old Guinea pig seems to be very sick. We took her to the vet today, but apparently there was nothing wrong with her except slight weight loss. This behavior started about 16 hours ago. We got some antibiotics to give her daily. Her fur is puffed up, she sits in...
  14. ?

    3 females.

    hi, does anyone have 3 guinea pigs living together? particularly 3 females? have you had any issues with one of the piggies being left out? thanks :)
  15. A


    Disclaimer: I am not familiar with guinea pigs as much but I really do enjoy them and have done as much research as I can online. I have decided to reach out further on this forum for more advice. Hi, I have two guinea pigs and one of them has mites really bad (specifically sarcoptic mange...
  16. L

    Swollen eye

    My guinea pig is roughly 7 months old. He has no signs of pain or abnormal behavior. He is happy, talkative, energetic. He is still eating and drinking as normal. I checked on them and feed them about 2.5-3 hours ago. I came back to make sure everything was okay before I started working again...
  17. R

    UTI Trouble?

    Hi All, Hoping for some advice. 2 weeks ago our little pig Bertie developed symptoms of a UTI (small blood spots in his urine) so we took him to the vet, where he was prescribed 0.75 ml of Enrobactin and 0.5ml of Metacam for the pain. Around 4 days later he was visibly in more pain when he...
  18. L

    Bear 03-11-2020

    My guinea pig Bear died today. He had been feeling unwell for the past week so I made the decision to put him down to spare him any more pain and suffering. He was an older piggy. I never knew his exact age since I got him from the animal shelter almost two years ago( the vet suspected between 4...
  19. C

    Please help! Pigs eye is red, swollen, and pussy!

    No vet will see him and I don’t know what to do. I tried calling 5 places and they’re either booked or the exotic doctor is out. does anyone know what this could be? Any home remedy’s I can do to help him? ive been keeping the eye clean by using a warm washcloth to get all the white buildup...
  20. K

    Emergency Help Guinea Pig Dying I Think Its A Seizure

    Hi i'm new here i just made an account because i didn't know what to do my guinea pig is dying it's lying on i'ts side and at first it was kicking but then it stopped now i'ts just barely moving and on i'ts side every once in a while it tries to make noise but all she moves is her mouth and i...