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  1. CocoandGingerPiggies

    Death of guinea pig

    Hello, Coco recently passed away from unknown causes, she died very quickly with no warning symptoms or time to take her to the vet (we live in a very rural area). i still have one remaining guinea pig however. she and coco were bonded since birth and i’m sure ginger is missing her. Would...
  2. Mel P


    Hi Sadly I lost my handsome boy Guinea pig on Tuesday who was 2 years of age and feel heartbroken. I am really sad for my other boy who is also 2 and now alone. I’ve searched the internet looking for a rescue piggie or to foster but with no luck! Could anybody help me with this please I don’t...
  3. Mel P

    Guinea pig past

    Hello, was wondering please if anyone could give me any advice, with a broken heart my 2 year old Guinea pig past away yesterday. I’m so worried now about my other pig being on his own,will he be lonely alone? could he live happily with all the love and attention he gets from his human family...
  4. R

    Guinea pig Urine Colour

    I have 2 guinea pigs. Donatella is about 5 months she is hospitalized because her GI are very swollen her pee color had changed to a very orange/red color so she is being treated. Hours after I come home to Coco my other guinea pig and all of a sudden she starts peeing a different color like...
  5. Z

    Lonely Guineapig

    My Guineapig is about 9 now and she has been surrounded by friends (guineapig friends) her entire life. She has outlived so many piggies but now unfortunately her last friend Pumpkin has passed away. We know she is probably on her last weeks or so because she has gotten a lot slower and much...