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  1. veronicakelley17

    Aggressive guinea pig?

    hello all! i am a new guinea pig owner of a 1 year old boar and a baby boar (about a month maybe less? hes new so I'm not sure) but my 1 year old boar has recently been biting the divider of the cage and making chirps in an effort to get to the smaller boar? I'm not sure if this is a sign of...
  2. T

    Guinea Pig Chaos

    So I have a male Guinea pig named george about 2 years old.. had him since he was a baby. About 2 months ago I adopted 2 male guinea pigs around 2 yrs old as well..came together and live in the same cage. I tried to get george and the other two to meet but no luck there was almost a lot of...
  3. MollysPigs

    Advice On Bedding?

    Hello everyone, so after doing a lot of bribing, my dad has finally agreed to make me a new cage for the guinea pigs! I was originally thinking of keeping them in our old Ferplast 120 that we used for our previous guinea pigs. However, I now think it is too small to use as a permanent home and...