1. A

    Guinea pig infection and drooling

    Guys my Guinea pig (Mith) has been drooling since three days. I went to the vet and they are giving injections to her and maybe her infection is recovering but she is refusing to eat anything, and even if she wants to eat her mouth isn't opening. What do I do anyone please suggest I'm so...
  2. C

    My guinea pig keeps coughing

    Hello, my guinea pig at the age of 3 has started sneezing yesterday but it’s sneezing quite often not just one small one. I’m not sure if I should take it to the vet or wait a couple days to see if it gets worse. I’m really worried and hope that I can help her in someway😭.
  3. NuggetHead

    Is she sick?

    I’m worried my piggy Otis might have Something she has a little crust around her eye and is sneezing a bit more then what seems like the normal amount and has been a little more irritated when being held, like more squirmy and even a lil biting. I have 2 pigs and I’m not sure which one, but one...
  4. T

    Guinea Pig Chaos

    So I have a male Guinea pig named george about 2 years old.. had him since he was a baby. About 2 months ago I adopted 2 male guinea pigs around 2 yrs old as well..came together and live in the same cage. I tried to get george and the other two to meet but no luck there was almost a lot of...
  5. T

    Is this a spur or something else?

    we have spotted this on my Guinea pig’s foot. We originally thought it was a spur however it now appears to have spread in a line across the bottom of the foot. It looks like there may be another one starting on her other foot. ( yet very slightly, so not pictured ) .She does enjoy jumping up...