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  1. C

    Covid and guinea pigs

    Hello, I tested positive for covid today and I am afraid I have passed it to my guinea pigs. Does anyone know the signs of covid in guinea pigs? I have read that it’s unlikely for them to get it but still possible and is it serious if they do catch it?
  2. C

    Scabs, bleeding and dandruff

    Hello everyone, I have had some problems with my 1 year old guinea pigs. A while ago they started to itch and soon after they has scabs that bleed, and they wheek when touched. One of our guinea pigs with these symptoms passed away a few weeks ago, and these symptoms have started on my other two...
  3. P

    C & c cages!

    Hi guys, so I’m thinking about getting an indoor c & c cage, but I’ve noticed that there are several to choose from! I literally have no idea where to start. I have seen single and double ones, ones that have a ramp and ones that do not (can you buy a ramp separate?) and ones with a loft. So...
  4. Marshie

    Water bottle placement

    Hey, I plan to have two piggies as well as two water bottles just incase, although I am wondering on the placement of the bottles, Should both of the bottles always be placed closed together or would it be okay to separate the bottles far apart?
  5. KaylaT4403

    My Guinea Pigs won't let me pick them up

    So I've had my piggy wiggies for about a month now c: (Penelope and Luna) And I've attempted to pick them up and they kinda just scoot away and run away. I wanna pick up Penelope because she's been popcorning and constantly mounting so I want to make sure she is okay and completely check if she...
  6. kbearne

    Survey For Guinea Pig App

    Hello all, I'm working on my university project and I have created an idea and some wireframes/storyboards for guinea pig care app which I would appreciate feedback on via this survey if you get a chance? Guinea pig app wireframes feedback Survey Apologies if this is posted in the wrong...
  7. J

    Cute Guinea Pig Videos (taken By Me)

    And this Let me know what you think.
  8. Streaky

    Tips To Keeping Guineas Warm Through Winter

    Hi, I have recently moved my Guinea Pig into the conservatory due to the cold weather during winter. I was just wondering if any of you piggy owners had tips/ tricks to keeping your guinea pig warm and how to make sure they get some sort of exercise when it’s too cold for them to go out. Thanks!
  9. Picallily

    New Here & Need Advice!

    Hello, I'm Kate and have just joined the forum! I have two guineapigs Pippin(4 years), and Bertie (2 years). I am in need of some advice for Pip, as all of a sudden he has had a sneezing "fit" where he sneezed approx 10 times in 6/7 minutes. I took him out of his cage and he had a little play...
  10. Guineapigfeet

    Begging For Tea

  11. Kallasia

    Thought This Was Funny! :)

  12. brambles2016

    My Piggy Nibbled My Shortbread Biscuit!

    Hello! I'm making this post out of concern of one of my piggies! I had my pigs out and were letting them eat some lettuce and have a quick run around my bed, however I didn't notice at the end of my bed on a table I had a shortbread biscuit and I moved my eyes away from pumpkin for 30 secs, look...
  13. G


    I'm going to get a 4' x 8' shed for my 3 piggies :) opinions on this and/or advice?
  14. RyansPigs

    Can Piggies Eat Cherry Tomato?

    I have cherry tomato but not sure if there safe for my piggies thanks for helping me!
  15. squeakypigs01

    Rat In My Pigs Run!

    Hiya, I have literally just seen what looked like a rat run in and then out of my guinea pigs run:eek: It was quite thin and brown with a long tail and seemed to fit through the bars, go into the hidey that the pigs were in and thed run out and into the fower bed. Are they dangerous to pigs and...
  16. Gpigwheeklyuk

    Guineapigs And Autism ?

    Hello everyone! My name is katie and I don't always get to post in the guineapig forum as much as I would like to as I've been super busy balancing my day jobs and running my guineapig wheekly uk shop. Anyway I wanted to make a post to reach out to anyone who can relate to the topic of...
  17. S

    New To Guinea Pigs, Need Advice

    Hi Guys, I've never owned a Guinea Pig before. After about a year of thinking about it and making sure it wasn't an impulse decision and doing relevant research and go plenty of times to pet shops to look at the guinea pigs and get my daughter ready and not to mention finally buy my own house...
  18. Kelsx3

    Mite Treatment

    Hey guys, my guinea pig is currently being treated for a fungal infection and I really want to do a mite treatment as a just in case. Can anyone recommend a good mite treatment that I can do myself? It's always handy to have stuff at hand!
  19. Guineapigfeet

    My First Pigs

    I final found the only photos I have of my first pair. These are photos of the photos! Marmalade and Donut (my brother's pig technically)