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  1. MollysPigs

    Review On The Eglu-go Hutch.

    A couple years ago, we bought the Eglu-Go Hutch as a run for my two guinea pigs. They have a very large C&C cage indoors, and I wasn't planning on using it as a permanent home for a couple reasons: Firstly, the size (100cm) that they recommend for guinea pigs is certainly not big enough at all...
  2. MollysPigs

    Does This Sound Like A Good/safe Guinea Pig Home?

    Hello everyone :) xx Recently I adopted two adorable little guinea pigs from my local rescue, and the cage that they came in is so horrible and tiny - they are both miserable and bored stiff. :soz: I've been busy writing ideas and cage plans and have now decided to attach a Bluebell Hideaway...