Review On The Eglu-go Hutch.

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Junior Guinea Pig
May 24, 2016
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A couple years ago, we bought the Eglu-Go Hutch as a run for my two guinea pigs. They have a very large C&C cage indoors, and I wasn't planning on using it as a permanent home for a couple reasons:

Firstly, the size (100cm) that they recommend for guinea pigs is certainly not big enough at all, especially for a trio of pigs as they show in their adverts. I ordered the 200cm size run, for rabbits.

Secondly, I find the indoor area inadequate for guinea pigs; the hay-rack attached inside is too small to fit the recommended amount of hay in. Guinea pigs should be eating a ball of hay the size of themselves each, DAILY, and the hay rack can't even fit half that amount. The door to get in is a bit small, and I think it's a bit high up, so elderly pigs with arthritis or other feet problems may struggle to get inside. Also, it's made of plastic, which heats up very, very quickly in the summer, especially in direct sunlight.

The cover that comes with the hutch is very thin and doesn't provide much shade or shelter from extreme weather. Although the cover that you can purchase separately is much better quality, it doesn't cover up much of the run, therefore exposing it to rain, sun and wind.

Overall, I think that the cage itself is mainly aimed towards the owner, rather than the animal itself. The cage is attractive to people because of it's easy-to-clean features and it's design. But if you looked at it from the pet's perspective, it's not the best.
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