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  1. rubberduckytoy

    Timothy Hay Allergy?

    One of my piggies, a 6 year old (though she is very energetic and acts healthy), has been occasionally spitting up a cloudy white liquid after eating hay. It doesn’t happen very often since she tends to favor vegetables and pellets, but every once in a while she’ll start to favor her hay...
  2. Ellsie1

    Fear of Hay

    My 4 year old GP went for a dental about 2 weeks ago and has done great, he was eating fine after the surgery. (Veg and pellets). However, from him having a sore mouth, I think he still thinks the hay is gonna hurt his mouth, and it’s quite worrying that he’s completely off his hay. He will eat...
  3. Z

    Suddenly sneezing a lot

    Hello! I recently became an owner of 2 guinea pigs around 2 months ago. I have a concern and was wondering what I should do. Recently (about a couple days ago) I opened a new bag of hay for my guinea pigs since they just finished a previous bag. It is the same brand of what they have been...
  4. Mistymoutainfairy

    Choked on her hay?~

    Hello i am super new to this forum. A very sad thing happened this morning. I have a routine with my pigs. I wake up, use the restroom, then turn on the light in the living room where they are located. as i soon as i do that i say "good morning girls" and by then they are both normally wicking...
  5. J

    Cleaning Out!

    Dear members, We have just acquired three super guinea pigs. I would love a little advice 're changing of bedding, please. As these little ones appear to soil a single place on a daily basis (removed daily), is it necessary to change all shavings more often than weekly? Most of the large cage...