hay allergy

  1. M

    Guinea Pig Mites or Allergy

    Hi! I’ve noticed the past couple months, sometimes when I reach in to get hay, hold my piggies without a long sleeve, or hold them to my chest to trim their nails, I get a small rash that goes away within 15 minutes. They’re showing no signs of being itchy or having any skin irritation. Does...
  2. Y

    Boyfriend allergic to GPs (difficulty breathing)

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. The past few weeks my boyfriend has been suffering with wheezing/difficulty breathing whenever I clean out the guinea pigs. He found out a while ago that he’s allergic so he avoids handling them or being near them for too long, but only recently have these...
  3. Jasmined

    Is this URI or allergy? Please help

    Yesterday morning I noticed I could hear Teddy breathing a little heavier than normal after I’d heard her sneeze a few times. by the afternoon her breathing had become more noisy and her sneezes sounded a little wet, some crustiness round her nose. By Luck managed to get her a vet appointment...
  4. cashewandpeppa

    Dust-free hay in the US

    Quality of hay is BY FAR the most important thing to me for my girls. I'm looking for a premium hay to order online that doesn't have a ton of dust at the bottom of the bag/box. I'd order from dustfreehay.co.uk if I was in the UK, but I'm in Chicago, IL. And their hay is American-grown, so I'm...
  5. W

    I'm allergic to my guinea pig's hay

    3 weeks ago I brought home my two boys, Womble and Bear. Whilst I love them dearly my respiratory system isn't coping very well with their hay and I'm getting a cough, sore eyes and an itchy throat. I've been taking anti-allergens but I need a long term solution. I've heard air purifiers can...
  6. E

    Hay Allergy?

    Hi y'all, I recently have been planning to adopt a guinea from Petsmart. For those who don't know how this works, usually Petsmart will give up their pets for adoption for free, if they are no longer resell-able. The little ones may be ill or they were returned from previous owners. In my case...