hay poke

  1. M

    My Guinea Pig's eye is swollen and some discharge is there.

    I got my new Guinea pigs few days back. One is way too shy and other way too playful.Yesterday the playful one got some swelling around its and is squinting one of its eye so we cleaned that eye hoping it would get better but today I noticed some cloudiness/greyness in its eye. There aren't any...
  2. C

    Hay poke causing damaged eye

    Hello all, one of my guinea pigs who is 2 had a sunken eye which didn’t quite look right - took him to the vets turns out a sharp piece of hay has damaged his eye ☹️ he recommended we use paper bedding like what they sell for hamsters. However in the stores around by me I have only ever seen...
  3. DizzyD95

    Hay poke and eye drops

    Hi all, I was looking for some advice please. My 10 month old piggie had hay poke (the piece of hay can out but was huge!). Anyway to the vets and she had a cochlear ulcer :( it's pretty bad and I'm so upset. She's on eye drops and metacam. She's eating as normal which is good. She absolutely...
  4. Tinychels

    Hay in the eye and getting treated for it

    Hello! One of my piggies, Ruby, unfortunately got a tiny little piece of hay (or maybe it was hay dust) in her eye two days ago. I tried taking it off but I couldn't and it managed to get under her lower eyelid. So I was freaking out because I'm aware that this can lead to a major eye injury...
  5. E

    Hay Poke

    Hello! So I noticed last night that my guinea pig pepper had a piece of hay stuck in her eye. Her eye was becoming cloudy but as it was later at night we had to wait until this morning to bring her to the vet. My friend told me that this is a case of hay poke. Is there anything I can do to...