1. Lauren22

    Pigs being picky?

    I've recently changed my Guinea pigs hay and I don't think they are eating as much as they do normally. Not because of health reasons I believe it's because they don't like the change of hay! I've got 9.5kg of the new hay so really I would like them to eat it! What should I do as I am worried...
  2. K

    Young guinea pigs, struggling to find a good fit for their diet

    Hi guys! I have two new guinea pigs, they are around 3 months old. I have tried to introduce them to vegetables, but I will come home after school and the vegetables will be untouched. I take them out of the cage and throw them away after a couple of hours because I don't want them to spoil and...
  3. Stephtoll

    Wild Mountain hay

    Hello , so I picked up a mountain hay in pets at home yesterday , I didn’t even look at the packet until I got home late last night 🙀 It says it’s suitable for rabbits but doesn’t mention guinea pigs? Do you think it will be okay or shall I take it back ? Thanks