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head tilt

  1. PotatoandBessie

    Procedures- are they painful for my pigs

    Hi all I have 2 3.5 year old guinea pigs, both of whom have had medical issues in the past. Bessie had an odd head tilt and bulgy eyes at first. We got them both during the start of the pandemic and good vet care was scarce so we had to bring her to the vet from the local store we got them...
  2. F

    Guinie pig head tilt

    My guinie pig has some sort of head tilt and I don't know if it's something wrong he dosent eat anymore and my vets in my area are closed. Let me know what he has.
  3. lydvn

    guinea pig sudden head tilt

    hello! me and my girlfriend’s guinea pig, cali (3 yrs old), was eating and drinking fine all day. she suddenly got a head tilt to the left, but is still eating and drinking fine. she is even occasionally popcorning, and her head goes back to normal for a few seconds. she recently started...
  4. katja.b

    Vertigo episodes at 3.5 y o boar

    Hi dear forum! I have been reading a lot of good advice here while googling guinea pig stuff, so now I registered in hope of maybe receiving some hints or help with my guinea pig’s health issue 😔 Toblerone is an agouti abyssinian 3.5 years old. Earlier he was diagnosed with spondylosis so he...
  5. C

    5 days old head tilted on one side

    Hello, I really need help. My mommy guinea pig recently gave birth to 4 babies. Just a moment ago, I suddenly noticed 1 of them can't walk nor sit straight, head tilted on side and one eye is unresponsive (sclera can be seen). He can move and wiggle his legs but when I put him down, his head...
  6. Thrymskvida

    Boris, his URI, and other problems

    I have been advised to start a new thread here for my poorly boar, Boris. His previous thread with background and problems up til now is here. Short summary: Boris is a neglected boar I recently adopted. He is very skinny, has lice, a bad URI, and probable ear infection. He wheezes a lot, and...
  7. Angelina_97866

    Head Tilting Ear Infection - Christmas Vet Closure

    Help, I noticed today my guinea pig has developed a head tilt but too late as the vets closed at 12.30pm. Tomorrow is Christmas Day so the vets are all closed but the one I go to opens on Boxing Day. Please help, how can I keep my pig comfortable and (alive) until I can go to the vet - will he...
  8. G

    Good water bottle for piggie with special needs?

    Hello guys! I have a guinea pig, Momo, with a couple different chronic health issues and want to find a water bottle that really will leak a lot less for her. She has a head tilt and some balance issues that make her a bit unsteady, but she gets along well and eats and drinks independently...
  9. A

    Help my piggy with head tilt please

    My piggy and my absolute best friend has suddenly got a bad head tilt. I've been to the vet three times. The last time was an emergency vet in the middle of the night that gave me antibiotics for a week and some pain med and something for nausea. Costing me over $300 and a week later she ran...
  10. A

    My skinny pig is still tilting his head after treatment for an ear infection and his left eye is swollen.

    My skinny pig is 10 months old. He had an ear infection and strep throat the beginning of November and he was on an antibiotics for 2 weeks. He's eating, drinking water, chirping and seems like his old self but his head is still tilted and one eye is swollen or one eye is bigger than the other...
  11. H

    Head tilt

    Hello! I have a 2 year old piggies that I’ve had since she was just 3 months old. Last week I noticed that she’s tilting her head and sometimes has bad balance. The only exotic vet in my area that I trust is booked out 3 weeks. I’ve tried going other places and they have resulted in death of...
  12. S

    Guinea Pig Head Tilt/Falling Over

    Hello everyone! My 6 year old piggy, Paco, woke up today with a head tilt. He can stand okay, but when he tries to walk, he falls over. About 2 years ago, he had an ear infection and that ear has seemed to bother him a bit ever since. He has been able to eat some hay. I'm just incredibly...
  13. Ffduty

    Head Tilt

    I have about a 6 month old sow, with a rather prominent head tilt, and has done for about a month now. To cut a long story short, we went to the vets, they said she had crusty ear wax but couldn't see any parasites, got given ivermectin and otodine. The wax has loosened a litt but still has a...
  14. Pig_mum

    Ongoing respiratory issues with new guinea pig

    Hi Everyone, In early November 2020, we sadly lost our guinea pig Primrose to what we suspect was a complication with bladder stones. A few weeks later, we adopted a baby sow as a companion for our older sow, Nancy. We got the baby sow from a local rescue in Peterborough called PinnyGigs (which...
  15. S


    My guinea pig is 4 years old. I got him and his brother from PetSmart and his brother had always walked in circles and never made noise. Eventually he ended up passing under a year old. I still have his brother and for the last few years he has started to decline. He has slowly developed head...
  16. J

    T-Tot's Story on battling pneumonia and after

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share our T-Tot's story and maybe get some insight from other people with some piggies who may be going through the same thing. (Sorry if this is a long post) My son, Noah, who is 10yo, takes really good care of his T-Tot (almost 1yo). They're best friends, they truly...
  17. C

    Guinea pig head tilting suddenly

    hi! My 3 month old guinea pig is suddenly tilting her head to the left. She was acting normal yesterday and is still eating normally. I checked her ears and they seemed fine. However i noticed the corners of her eye was darker. Any idea what it could be? Thank you!
  18. L

    Nasty bite on ear & head tilt.

    Hello all! I recently rescued two young guinea pigs (6 months old) after they were given up by a family that seemingly became disinterested in them (who would have known that prey animals wouldn’t be overly fond of being picked up by young children?!). We have had them for over a week and they...
  19. I

    Permanent head tilt ?

    Helloooo! So I posted a little while back about my guinea pig acting weird .. I know adopting from Petco is never a good idea, I know I know, but we adopted from Petco and they took care of taking her to the vet since they’re the ones that sold us her sick .. so, she ended up having an ear...
  20. doodlecountry

    Head Tilt While Eating?

    Hi everyone, I am so concerned about one of my newer babies. She is one of the 5 girls I have and I believe she gave the other critters mites. Since then they have been treated with Advantage. However, I noticed Sophia is now having a slight head tilt when she eats. I think she's also been...