1. chocolatemilkshakeguineas

    Young guinea pig producing abnormal stool.

    My guinea pig Mimi, is Female and 10 months old. Today I discovered this stool in my 3 guinea pig’s cage. I suspected it was from the old one but after I took out Mimi, she produced more and they were all consistently soft, connected and a little smelly. What should I do? I did not notice any...
  2. A

    Guinea pig having some sort of breathing issue for a while now.

    Hi everyone! My Guinea pig Lenny has had some sort of breathing issue for almost a year now. Its not life threating currently, but it has been in the past. We've gone to 2 veternarians in that time frame and they both seem stumped on what his issue is. In the beginning of this issue Lenny was...
  3. rubberduckytoy

    Timothy Hay Allergy?

    One of my piggies, a 6 year old (though she is very energetic and acts healthy), has been occasionally spitting up a cloudy white liquid after eating hay. It doesn’t happen very often since she tends to favor vegetables and pellets, but every once in a while she’ll start to favor her hay...
  4. RupertTheHairless

    Skinny pig sensitive skin with unknown cause...has anyone else have experienced this?

    Hi all! One of my boys has recently developed a very sensitive area on his upper back, right below his neck line. He is a skinny and I thought perhaps mites, but when taken to our local vet, they weren't too sure what is causing this itchiness. We've had him for 2.5 years now and he's never...
  5. MagicandSpice

    Mole on back of guinea pig?

    I have recently found a weird mole, potential cyst on one side of the hip bone on my guinea pig. I have been researching but only found other owners to have found this on their guinea pigs stomach. I’m slightly worried and really hope it’s nothing threatening, anyone have any ideas what is could...