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    Piggie not pooping

    Hi! My Piggie isn't pooping. She was pooping yesterday really well but today she seems to have stopped. She's not bloated, she's eating lots, and she's acting like herself. I do have cisapride for her but I know it's a hard medicine, should i give it to her (I have the dose and everything from...
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    How often should a guinea pig sneeze?

    Hi! I was just wondering how often a healthy guinea should sneeze per day? Today one of my piggies has sneezed five big sneezes (and that's of what I've heard, I haven't been w them all day). Two I suspect is because I got a bit of benebac near her nose, and one during a Piggie wash. The...
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    How fast do URI's progress?

    My Piggie has been on Baytril for seven days, and Doxycycline for one. We stopped for three days because of a bad gas episode, which she's almost completely healed from now. My other piggie has finished ten days of Baytril already. The Piggie that just recovered from gases is sneezing lots, but...