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healthy weight

  1. G

    How Do You Do A Pellet Free Diet For Your Guinea Pigs?

    Hi everyone I’m new here and I was wondering if maybe someone cab help me on this topic. So I have 4 male piggies they were all adopted and ever since I have them they have been on a low calcium diet. So they get a cup of low calcium veggies each everyday, unlimited timothy hay & oxbow adult...
  2. BenjiAndButtons

    Healthy Weight

    Hi all, Just calculated Barneys age, he's somewhere between 19-21 weeks, his weight is 980grams (2.1lbs) how is this weight? Is he an okay weight? Ive included pictures so you can sort of see him too ahah
  3. TheLottiediarys

    Can Guinea Pigs Be Too Fat?

    Can Guinea Pigs be over weight? If so, How fat is too fat? How can you tell? Is it by looking? By fat distribution? Ive been looking at my boy Bear just lately and he seems quite big? Hes very fat, basically haha. I dont think hes too fat or bloated or anything, hes just a very chunky Piggie...