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  1. Bethanie97

    Skinny Pig in Heat (Season)

    Hi I’ve had a skinny pig around 4 weeks but for around the last 3 weeks she has been in heat/season. Is this normal for skinnies? As my other guinea pigs normally only last for around 2 weeks. Thanks in advance
  2. A

    Guinea pig in heat (please answer asap)

    Hello, I have one neutered male and one female together. They have recently been bonded together and I have never had a male and a female together. My female, I believe is in heat, she keeps getting chased round, humped, vagina licked, butt sniffed constantly. She is not receptive to this at...
  3. mdissel

    Newly Bonded Guinea Pig Aggression

    I have two guinea pigs - Luna and Lily. Luna was born Feb 2017, and I adopted her Sept 2017 along with her sister. Her sister passed away in the middle of August, so after giving Luna time to grieve, I decided to try bonding her. I went to our local small animal shelter and found her a cagemate...
  4. Paetwood

    Lost weight on period

    My guinea pig Panic is in heat I’m pretty sure. And she has lost a scary amount of wieght in a day or 2 (I’m pretty sure just one day). You can feel her hip bones, and when I hold her her stomach caved in. She was nice a chunky a day or 2 ago and the only thing I can think of is she’s in heat...
  5. E

    The hot weather

    Hey, I have 3 long haired guinea pigs and they really do hate the hot weather. They are fine in the garden as long as it’s 24degrees or below. Anything more like it has been over the weekend and they become very uncomfortable. Upon coming home today my other half found a very uncomfortable pig...
  6. S

    Floppy/limp Guinea Pig?

    I have a 3yr/old boar that has been pretty healthy his whole life. Until recently, that is. He's been feeling kinda lifeless and floppy, not dead though. I look it up and it says something about having a stroke, and I know that they're subject to heat stroke and it's been REALLY hot in Oregon...
  7. Guineapigfeet

    Season Time!

    BB and Rey joined forces last night, even Chewie got in on the act a little bit! Bit of a shame the tunnel got in the way!
  8. TheLottiediarys

    It's Pretty Hot Right Now Be Careful Guys!

    On my way to work this morning I saw a dog being walked which I thought was pretty bad as it's very hot I was sweating just sitting at the bus stop. While I was on the bus I saw another dog who was fitting on the ground because some owner had decided to walk it in the heat. Felt very sorry for...
  9. Betsy

    Water Bottles

    I am changing water in the bottles every couple of days and cleaning them with a bottle brush and the spouts with cotton buds once a week to help stop the build up of algae. I have the bottles in covers but it still doesn't stop the bottom (where the spout is) or the spout from getting...
  10. B


    I have two Abyssinian guinea pigs (Spaghetti and Hoops), they both shed but Hoops is much worse than Spaghetti. I use a slicker brush and a soft baby brush (although it feels like I could brush her forever and the hair would keep coming out - it's a miracle she's not bald!). With the heat at...
  11. S

    Sunbathing Piggie

    My guinea pigs' hutch is out of the sun, however there's a patch of sun that hits just in front of the hutch, and when they're in the run my black boar, Nox, loves to sunbathe. (Water isn't an issue, they've got a bottle upstairs and downstairs, and they eat plenty of veg, cucumber and celery...
  12. Guineapigfeet

    Outdoor Thermometer

    With nicer weather, hopefully, on the way, I am thinking about my shed and the sun. I have already sourced shade cloth to fix over the windows to block direct sunlight (my shed is in sun for a few hours in the daytime) but I am looking for an accurate and reliable digital thermometer which I can...