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heavy breathing

  1. L

    Emergency Heavy breathing

    Hi, I have an emergency! My guinea pig Amanda is breathing heavily and slow, and she looks dizzy - when she walks she walks just a few steps before laying down, ten she takes a few breaths and then again walks a few steps, lays down etc. I don't know what to do, she's been herself the whole day...
  2. E

    Not Eating And Heavy Breathing

    Hi, my name is Ellie I'm new to this forum as I am desperate for some advice about my pig Tony. At the moment he is not eating, drinking or being his usual self. I can see him heavily breathing and don't know how to help him. He's acting very lethargic as in lying around more than usual and not...
  3. Charlotte behan

    Constipated Piggy

    My 9 month old male guinea pig has been constipated for a few days now. After an expensive trip to a 24 hour vets yesterday he was given a pain relief injection and i've so far given him 3 doses of Ranitidine but he still doesn't show any signs of improvement in the toilet department. He's...