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help advice needed

  1. lydvn

    Booger/Pus in guinea pigs ear

    One of my guinea pigs has been scratching her ear more than usual and shaking her head a lot. I checked her ear and there is a white looking booger thing at the very bottom in there and I am not sure if this is an ear infection or and emergency? Is there any way I can make this better for her...
  2. L

    Boar bonding help

    Hi! I’m desperately seeking advice rn on bonding. To cut a long story short… years ago I adopted a single Guinea pig from a rescue. Not knowing much at the time… I had no knowledge of said Guinea pig needing a companion but over a short amount of time I realised that he needed a friend. 2 years...
  3. N

    Is this normal?

    Hi I have 3 girl guinea pigs that i’ve had for a couple of years now, tonight it seems like 1 pig is winding the other 2 up, they keep chasing eachother and squealing, I would of thought they were in season but she’s not been purring or doing her usual bum wiggling, is this normal? they don’t...
  4. K

    New with guinea pigs here and I have some concerns

    I'll cut right to chase. I've had s guinea pig for 2 days and when I approach one of my guinea pigs, one immediately hides in its hidey and the other just freezes in place and usually stands in one corner of the cage. But when I'm not around they roam the cage freely. Even when I am writing this...
  5. mordeandrigs

    Black Mold Exposure?

    I had made another thread asking for help about some of the strange behaviors and symptoms I was seeing in my 2 boars the past few weeks, which goes a lot more in depth on everything that’s been going on. Since that thread, my quarterly inspection at my apartment done by maintenance found what...
  6. BoneTheHybird

    Why is this happeing

    My guneia pig sometimes flicks her ears usely while resting why is this happening?
  7. W

    gastric dilatation volvulus

    Hello everyone.. I am hoping to get some thoughts and opinions on my current situation. My sweet baby girl is experiencing a very difficult situation. The emergency vet is telling me she has a GDV and I’m so scared I don’t know what to do. I already paid 2k for her to be there over night and...
  8. A

    At what age

    Hiii, it’s been over a month since I adopted my guinea pig, and he’s about 4 months old. His hair has gotten really long, and I want to know if it’s too early to trim it a little bit. I can’t even see his eyes. Also, do I need special scissors to trim his hair, or can I use any kind of scissors?
  9. Aripined

    Pigs new home location

    I’m moving from Arizona to California and I will be in an apartment for a year. My two Guinea pigs will come with me but I can’t keep them in the apartment but instead the storage room I don’t want to but my mom said there’s no room for them inside. I need some tips to keep the storage room nice...
  10. C

    Cervical lymphadenitis

    I’m wondering is cervival lymphoditis contagious if the lymp node has not ruptured yet? Do I need to separate the pigs or only after treatment ? Will it spread airborne to other guniea pigs in the same room different cage? Any advice please my baby is only 2 months old
  11. S

    Safe to feed my bois?

    Hubby found a weed in our yard. Attempting to Identify it leads me to believe it is likely “Cut-leaf Teasel”. Google gives me no clear answers and I refuse to give it to my piggies without a clear yes. Does anyone know if this is poisonous to piggies or not? Can provide a picture if needed for...
  12. O

    Guinea pig discolored pee/poo

    photo Hi, i have a guinea pig around 11 mo to a year, she’s starting having a weird discoloration in her pee and poop. She does her business in the same corner so it’s hard to tell. I just started giving her cilantro but don’t think that’s the case. Can anyone help? I’m concerned and it’s late...
  13. C

    5 days old head tilted on one side

    Hello, I really need help. My mommy guinea pig recently gave birth to 4 babies. Just a moment ago, I suddenly noticed 1 of them can't walk nor sit straight, head tilted on side and one eye is unresponsive (sclera can be seen). He can move and wiggle his legs but when I put him down, his head...
  14. Piggymum22

    Head tilt/leaning to one side?

    Hi all 🙋‍♀️ Rushed my poor little guy to the vet today, noticed he was severely tilting his head to one side and seemed a little unbalanced on his feet. The vet said it is most likely an ear infection (but did note a few other things it could be) and has prescribed him with Baytril & Metacam...
  15. Puddles1999

    Squeaking while pooping & Soft poops

    Hi! The other night I noticed Minnie squeaking/almost like straining while she was pooping. I immediately got her out and her poops were very soft. They weren’t shaped at all and (this is gross) but really sticky since they were so soft. I massaged her belly, have been giving her gripe water as...
  16. S

    My last piggie

    Help me please! I had 3 Guinea pigs, now I am just down to 1 boar almost 6 years old now and don’t really have the money for a vet visit right now. I have noticed this week that his fur isn’t looking as healthy and when I picked him up, his belly was hard on both sides. He is still acting normal...
  17. Lunapxggies

    grease gland?

    I made a post a few weeks ago about how my guinea pigs grease gland was leaking and I’ve never really had that happen to any of my other pigs in 8 years of owning them…I’m worried now because it’s still leaking when i cleaned her up the last time and i’m worried theres something else wrong like...
  18. Tuftyhuns

    Noisy breathing

    Hi all, My Guinea has developed this strange breathing, it sounds as if she is sort of snoring when she breathes like she has a cold/congested? It’s really on and off she’s not doing it constantly. She’s absolutely fine in herself being the greedy girl she always is! I’ve taken her to the vets...
  19. Angelina_97866

    Head Tilting Ear Infection - Christmas Vet Closure

    Help, I noticed today my guinea pig has developed a head tilt but too late as the vets closed at 12.30pm. Tomorrow is Christmas Day so the vets are all closed but the one I go to opens on Boxing Day. Please help, how can I keep my pig comfortable and (alive) until I can go to the vet - will he...
  20. H

    HELP! Lame back leg

    Issue started in Monday. Hello, I'm really just asking for advice and really would be grateful if people can help shed some light or offer experiences. My 1 year old girl was fine one day. They the next not able to put wieght on her back leg. Took her to the vet the following morning who...