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  1. G

    Desperate - Massive fast weight loss and no vet diagnosis

    I've made an account out of desperation as I really need help with my piggy His name is Gunnie he is about 2.5 years old. He has been eating less and less and has been making noises like he is in pain when he pees. He has been weight for the past 3 nights, all between 10 pm - 12am: 19/02...
  2. Livvysquish

    Please help & advice!

    Please!help/advice! Hey! I really need some advice or help before going the vet. My piggy spice has recently had hay poke and recovered with eye drops. I found out by her squealing when being picked up. Once the hay was out she didn't squeal again. Its been a bit under a weak and when I...
  3. Mystic_corgi

    Fresh Paint

    The wall that my guinea pigs and hamster are next to is getting painted and I wanted to know if the paint fumes would affect them or not? We would move them out paint the area, let it dry and move them back in. Would this be okay?
  4. E

    Rejected guinea pig

    I have a newborn guinea pig, 5 days old, rejected and pretty much dead when found. I have taken him home and hand fed him semi-skinned goats milk every hour- 2 hours. Yesterday (day 4) I started to hand feed him lettuce blended into goats milk. He has been doing really well often running about...
  5. Piggiefriend

    !Piggie not quite usual!

    Hello! I have two guinea pigs aged 2 and 1 and the older one seemed a bit quiter today. She is eating but only if i place the food in her house and she is sometimes sleeping outside her house. She usually squeeks when i feed her which she didn’t do today, however she ate some parsley once i put...
  6. Jesse's pigs

    Bladder stone worry

    Okay I’m sorry it’s me again with yet another worry. I assure u all as I type this Steve is looking for food, dragging his butt and running round the cage as if I’m making all this up. many of you are aware and have followed me on my journey with Steve’s xrays and ultrasound. Back then he had...
  7. Dimite102245

    Guinea pig climbing into hay feeder

    One of the new guinea pigs I got (her name is Cupcake) keeps climbing on top of her hay feeder. I’m worried that I’ll go to bed at night and then wake up with her feet stuck in her feeder. Does anyone have any advice on how to get her to stop doing that? Right now I have the feeder higher up...
  8. roxyandremy

    Tea Tree oil

    Roxy is a 1 year old piggie and so is her sister. Recently I had noticed them scratching and having some dry skin. Today I had picked up some ferret shampoo because I thought it would be safe for the pigs. It’s the marshalls ferret shampoo with tea tree oil. I am now very worried though after...
  9. PeachyJuli

    4 year old guinea pig lack of pooping, shaking when walking and weight loss, is this it?

    Hello, I'm posting this to seek some sort of help or consolation... I think my guinea pig's dying. I wish I could take my guinea pig to the vet however my family and I are lacking in funds and my family are not very optimistic for my little guy, for reference I'm in high school and don't really...
  10. N


    Hey! I have recently bought a guinea pig and he’s doing pretty well. Very bubbly and gets along well with his cage mates. I have noticed something, he often purrs like a cat. Do they always do that?
  11. M

    One boar becomes agitated in bonded boy pair

    I have a bonded pair of boys that have been bonded for about 8 months now. They are both estimated to be 2-3 years old. They have been fine with each other up until now. They have a 14 sq ft c&c cage, 2 food bowls, 2 water bottles, 2 hay options, and multiple houses with 2 entrances. Out of the...
  12. N


    Hello! I got a male-female guinea pig pair and the male one passed away recently. Now this got me thinking, I do not want her to be lonely so I’m thinking of getting her new buddies. Is it okay for me to buy an female-female pair? If I did, I would have 3 female guinea pigs. Can they live like...
  13. N

    Help :(

    Hello, I am a new guinea pig owner. I own two lovely guinea pigs and they’ve been with me for about 4 days. I just want to ask if there’s anything wrong with my guinea pig, his name is Fundy and he’s only a month old. Ever since the day started he hasn’t been his usual bubbly and clingy self...
  14. C

    Broken arm

    Hello my guinea pig broke her front arm and was taken to the vet the vet gave her medicine and after 2 weeks she looks much better and even walks on the foot although limps sometimes and her foot doesn’t looks straight has a slight curve to it. I’m not sure if it’s okay to leave her like this or...
  15. L

    4 Pigs with Lice

    I found out my 4 guinea pigs have lice and they are getting their medicine tomorrow, but I am not sure how to prevent reinfestation while using fleece bedding. I am wondering if anyone knows if I can wash the fleece or will it need thrown? I'm not sure if the medicine is protective or only...
  16. Jesse's pigs


    Now I’m always going on about observing piggies poos as these are often the best insight into their health- now Steve’s has me baffled. So two days ago, he had the beginnings of another minor bloat episode (belly sounds like water balloon basically and he starts to sit around) I gave him his...
  17. peelio_26


    Hello, I'm new to this forum and somewhat new to being an owner. So I have 4 guinea pigs total all in the same cage, it has two stories so its fairly large and two of the guinea pigs just don't get along at all, they're constantly fighting for dominance that results in injuries to eachother. At...
  18. Mystic_corgi

    Getting Past The Teenage Years (two boars)

    I am still quite new to owning guinea pigs with only owing 3 in my lifetime and this is my first time having two guinea pigs together. I own two boars named Wasabi and Tofu who about 9 months old. They seem to get along quite well for the most part. They are able to share food bowls, water...
  19. Jesse's pigs

    Adding additional boars

    Hi, so as you’ve seen from my recent updates the boys are now in new C and C cages (one each on top of each other- I’ll attach a picture). Both used to be happily bonded until Steve started having his flare ups of cystitis and bloating. I believe it was Steve’s illness that caused the bond...
  20. C.Courtney0310

    Guinea Pig Ear Infection

    I really need help. I have no idea what to do. My guinea pig, Eeevee, has an inner ear infection and the vet gave her an injection of oxytetracycline and said she should be better in a couple days. It's been two days since then and she doesn't seem better and now has diarrhea as well. Throughout...