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  1. Lizzieejoyce

    Hair loss. HELP!

    Hi everyone TL;DR - ongoing skin problem and hair loss. Been to the vets 3 times and she’s still not better, any suggestions please?! My guinea pig, Agnes, has had a skin problem since late August. Another guinea pig of mine had a fungal infection when Agnes started to lose hair so I treated...
  2. K

    Smelly piggies

    Hello everybody, My friend has 2 male guinea pigs in a cage that is 2 x 7. She using homemade fleece bedding that I made. Recently she has noticed that her room always smells and a liner and a few pee pads smell of farm. Even after she washes them with vinegar. Their poop also stinks terribly...
  3. E

    Should I re-home?

    Hello, I wanted to come on here to ask for some opinions on my situation. Anything helps! I have one female Guinea Pig and I am questioning wether I should find her another home. A bit of background: I used to have a different guinea pig who was living alone, therefore, I decided to get her a...
  4. A

    Dental Teeth problems

    Hi, unfortunately what I feared has happened. My little girl has a dental problem. She's 3 years an 8 months old We took her to the vet today and she checked her teeth. She didn't find any problems but she couldn't see the last molars, the ones that are further down but the symptoms are...
  5. B

    Dental Dental Issue in Pig

    my guinea pig bandit has something wrong with his teeth. i first noticed it today. he has cuts on his mouth and his two top teeth are misaligned and loose with the gums between them also looking like there’s something wrong. does anyone know what this could be or what caused it? he also cant eat...
  6. Jesse's pigs

    Anal sac

    Hi guys, It has been awhile since I last visited. In that time I’ve added to my piggy family by one and now have Steve (the legendary white crested boy who you all saw grow up), Bellamy (Lunkarya) and the newest addition Stitch. all doing okay, I feel I should add that they are not living as a...
  7. M

    Help! Clicking noise/ Grinding noise? I don’t know

    Hello! Currently my guinea pig Poe is making this strange clicking / grunting sound and I can’t tell whether or not it’s a respiratory thing or a teeth grinding because of pain. I have included a video and I’m not sure what I should do. His poops are also smaller than normal and I noticed that...
  8. Sheemwon

    Critical care feedings

    My guinea pig suddenly lost weight and wouldn’t eat as much as before but she didn’t lose much weight and still get excited and call for food.. I bought oxbow critical care food but she is running away after sniffing it and seems scared! Is that a normal thing ? I tried it with my other piggies...
  9. G

    What to do after impaction is removed

    Hi, two days ago I took my 5 year old male guinea pig into the vet. They removed an impaction, and he was pooping a little bit, it was mostly soft and un-shapen, yesterday and the day of the vet appointment. Maybe that could have to do with the amount of romaine lettuce we gave him. Today...
  10. K

    Leaky bedding?

    Hello, I am new to using fleece liners. I made my own with fleece on top, a uhaul pad, waterproof layer, and fleece on the bottom. So far it has been good but one of my liners is wet on the bottom. It is made out of the same material and is wet almost everywhere. I do use pee pads. has anybody...
  11. Ninarodders

    Pellet help please

    Hi, I'm new here and a new piggy owner. I got my 2 boys from someone who used to work with my husband. Einstein is around a year and Darwin is around 5 months. They came with pets at home nuggets. Now looking at the ingredients alfalfa is no 1 on the list and worried I need to switch food. I've...
  12. SORIAH<3


    I'm new here and i saw something that scared me with my pet guinea pig , Brownie. I saw that a part of his nose was bleeding alot and it looked like it his nose was ripped :( What do i do? :/
  13. A

    Boys and Girls together

    So I have a general question that I need help with. My wife and I have five bonded girls that have lived together for about a year. We just recently lost one of our girls, and we ended up getting a couple boys at the pet store. This was a mistake that the pet store sold us three boys that all...
  14. P

    Help poorly pigs - Deteriorating digestive problem with blood in the poos

    Hello, I'm new here and searching for answers. I have two piggys cookie and hazzle both of them are four years old. A few months ago I took cookie to the vets with a suspected UTI. She had bulges on her sides, like bloat but my exotic vet said that it wasn't. She was in pain when urinating. We...
  15. Gemm24

    Relationship-big decision, please help

    Hi everyone. I m not sure where to post this. I need some help. my boyfriend wants me and my three pigs to move in, however I’m reluctant to move to the next step in our relationship because 1-he isn’t a piggie person and I know their mess and smell will cause issues (he says it won’t, but I...
  16. Luwukas

    my guinea pigs are suddenly fighting

    what do I do? nothing about their habitat has changed, they've been living together for a year and half now. however since yesterday night they've been fighting constantly, today I woke up to them fighting again and both had bitting wounds (I also don't know how to treat these wounds) please...
  17. Hollie85

    Pet bereavement help

    Hi can anyone give me any advice of UK based pet bereavement help services please? Any one that’s had experience with any of them? Thankyou everyone 😊
  18. S

    My pig has crusties around one of his eyes

    Hi! I recently bought a two guinea pigs and one of them have crusties around one eye, not both. He is fine otherwise and I think this has been a problem for a while (even before I bought him, because in the photo the previous owner had on him he had the same thing around the same eye). I was...
  19. A

    I need help :/

    So, to quickly catch you up I have 3 piggies, (1, 7-8 year old female called Trixy) and 2 new babies about 16 weeks old (Bonnie, Honey both females) Now, Trixy had a cage mate but she passed away and i was reluctant on getting her cage mates as i wasn't good with money at the time Trixy was...
  20. M

    Abnormal Feces?

    Hey! Sorry to be asking another question but as i am cleaning the guinea pig cage there is something abnormal. in the bag corner of the cage their feces is al clumped together and very mushy. Why is this? My parents dont care much but i need to know if i should get vet assistance.