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  1. C

    Potential snail trails and white/green beads in the hutch

    Hi everyone, i desperately need some help. I have been finding ‘ snail-like’/slime trails in my guinea pig hutch (outside) in particularly one corner of the hutch. Not only this, ive also found small bead-like white/green substances. Please someone help me, i have blitzed the hutch and pulled...
  2. P

    Guinea pig bored and picky?

    Hi, so I'm a new owner of a bonded pair of guinea pigs I recently adopted called Harold and Henrietta. I was kind of worried about Harold's behaviour. I've been giving him pellets and veggies to eat, and he would take the pellets from me before, but he stopped taking them from me as much after I...
  3. aniasandyogurt

    Hamster squeaking abnormally please help

    Hi guys this isn’t guinea pig related but i’m freaking out about my boyfriends hamster. She periodically makes these wheezing squeaks for a profusive amount of times. She’s about 9 months. It’s been happening for about id say two weeks give or take. She is eating and drinking normally and she is...
  4. G

    Ringworm on baby pig :( Help!

    So Ive recently introduced a new baby pig to my two other piggies. The baby got a dry bald patch near its head which I think is ringworm and I don’t know what to do. I’ve separated my Guinea pigs for now but they’ve already been exposed. How long should I continue quarantining them? How long...
  5. S


    so i was taking my guinea pig out normally on my bed. and he was laying down on me and all of a sudden his heart completely stopped i picking him up he was like dead i was kinda tapping him and he was still limp and not moving i got very scared and next thing you know he’s moving.. he looked...
  6. A

    Help please! Transporting a 6 year old pig by cargo

    Hi! My family moved recently and we're now bringing our 6 year old guinea pig over. The only option is for him to travel in the cargo hold (the flight is approximately 4 hours long), and I'm extremely worried given his old age and the fact that he will be travelling alone. As I'm aware that...
  7. W

    Some redness around the eye

    Hey everyone, my partner's guniea pig is getting some redness around the eye. We love this guniea pig to death but want to avoid the vet if possible due to money problems. She's still acting normal and eating but we're still concerned about her. Is this anything to be alarmed of?
  8. Zaynlovespiggies

    Blind Guinea Pig with big wound on back

    Hello fellow Guinea pig lovers! I have a 6 month old Guinea pig who is blind and had mites (we put ivermectin on him) , but now pretty sure he has been getting bullied by his brother who’s able to see. He has a huge wound on his back and he constantly gets irritated by it and scratches it. He...
  9. 5

    Sick piggy

    Hello everyone, my guinea unfortunately might have a respiratory infection, she's been coughing here and there, before when she used to cough quite a bit I took her to the vets and the vet said she doesn't have a respiratory infection and the coughing could've been coming from the wood shavings...
  10. Y


    My guinea pig sometimes has really watery eyes and gets white burgers in it, sometimes in both and sometimes in one and when he’s walking or smelling for food his stops for a second sometimes like there’s a wall infront of him and put his head down fast then keeps going or walks around it, so I...
  11. O

    Help needed! Guinea pig recovery concerns

    So we recently took our boy (2 years 5 months) to the vet, and he had an operation to remove five bladder stones. Before this operation I assumed his food intake had gone down since he was doing small, thin poos instead of the regular sized ones. Anyway, we took him home from the operation and...
  12. J

    Help- Anorexic and lethargic guinea pig

    Hi, this is the first time I’ve used this but I’m looking for advice. My guinea pig is 2.5 years old, she lives indoors with 3 other female pigs. She’s had no major changes that I can think of, but this morning she was off her food. We tried her with her usual chard, as well as green beans and...
  13. Mummy2Milo&Felix

    Pairing 2 bore brothers! Help!

    Hello Fellow Guinea lovers :) I’m so glad to have found this forum! I am a proud guinea mum to 2 brothers Milo and Felix. (They’ve been amazing for me as I’ve been battling depression for the past few years). I would like some advice on the appropriate methods on introducing more guineas to...
  14. B

    Hay mites please help

    Hi everyone, looking for some advice, ive just found hay mites on my piggy so ive applied spot-on and given him a bath, is there anything else i can do? I hate seeing him upset and itchy :( Thanks!
  15. I

    Please help, very concerned

    I recently adopted another guinea pig yesterday and while checking him out for anything weird I came across many things. First off, he has weird black scabs in his ears and one of his ears are red and kinda swollen. Secondly, there’s this weird scab behind his ear with a little hair loss there...
  16. L


    Hi! I previously had an issue with breathing with my little boar. It got better but it seems that it is happening again but with both of them. They have this weird wheezing sound coming from their noses and they sneeze (maybe 3-4 times a day.) I’m a little conflicted because i don’t know if...
  17. C

    Bloating problem?

    Hi, so I’ve just noticed my pigs stomach feeling quite firm and big. He’s not eating his fresh greens or his dry food. When I first got him I asked about what they eat as I’m a first time Guinea pig owner and the man in the pet shop had said he feeds them iceberg lettuce but today I found out...
  18. K


    Hello, I got a New Guinea pig to bond with my current Guinea pig who lost her friend a few months ago. I have had the new piggie (NALA) for over a month. I was holding her, I made sure I was supporting her butt and that she felt secure. After a few seconds of holding her, she had bit me and...
  19. S


    I recently got a new piggy a couple of days ago. When I went to take him out of his cage this morning, I noticed a hard lump just below his ear. It’s relatively large in my opinion and it appears to have some sort of puss in it. I called the vet and the earliest appointment they have is 8 am...
  20. AppleandTwig

    Single Guinea Bereaved Piggy?

    Hi, so recently one of my piggies passed away. It was really hard for me, and my other piggy to deal with. But, even though he was sad for the first few days and didn’t make as much noise and slept more he still ate his food (licked the bowl ahah) and drank water, ate hay, and had some pellets...