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help and advice needed

  1. Jesse's pigs

    Guinea pig dental

    My boy Steve is suffering with his molars at the moment (at least we believe as current vets are unable to examine back teeth conscious without proper equipment). He is 7 and still bright, in good body condition for his age and seems to be comfortable otherwise. Since Sunday I’ve had to...
  2. amandambyd

    Sick piggy, no diagnosis

    Hi, my Guinea pig (2yr old male) has been to the vet many times and we haven’t yet figured out exactly what’s going on. We originally brought him in for redness on his feet which wasn’t terrible, they prescribed a cream, didn’t work, then prescribed meloxicam, didn’t work, then they prescribed...
  3. J

    Cyst filled with blood

    Hi guys! I’ve been very worried about my Guinea pig. Her name is munchie and she is around 6. We rescued her because the original owners didn’t want her so we took her in. My concern is that on her right side near her front foot kind of on her belly/armpit. There is a giant cyst that wasn’t...
  4. B

    Bonding older sow with younger sows

    Good morning everyone I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas, I'm just looking for some advice please. I've had guinea pigs before but it was some years ago and I've recently adopted a pair of pigs from work who weren't being looked after properly. Sadly one of them passed shortly after...
  5. P

    Eye injury

    On Friday I noticed a hay poke in my Guinea pigs eye and it was late at night when I had noticed and no vets were open and if they were they didn’t take exotic animals. The next morning I woke up early and called around and all of the places were booked or extremely expensive and didn’t include...
  6. B

    new piggie owner

    Hi! I just got two new 3 month old guinea pigs two days ago and I’m super eager to start bonding with them. I’ve made it a point to chat with them softly and sit by their cage with my hand resting near the door, and they’ve started eating and drinking in front of me. Yesterday I tried hand...
  7. S

    Questions on adding a female for a solo boar kicked out from boar triple

    Hi, Relatively new owner here looking for some advice. We were sold three male guinea pigs in April, when they were only about 6 weeks old. We were told that because they were brothers they would be fine together... We later discovered this was not a good plan, and we ended up having to...
  8. T

    My guinea pig died and now her sister is all alone, please help seeking advice

    I used to have 4 guinea pigs, over time they each passed away. When it came to only having 2 left, one of them had unfortunately a few days ago passed away, leaving only 1 behind. My guinea pig that is still alive was the last one I had ever gotten, so my 4th, she was a rescue and when I...
  9. A

    Help needed!

    I have a boy Guinea pig and for the past week I have noticed him constantly scratching himself causing hair loss and wounds, he has also began screeching when we scratches and has what I describe as a mini seizure when he scratches, I have washed him constantly, we have bought mite shampoo and...
  10. B

    Help With Timid Guinea and Eye Drops - (Vet Diagnostic of Conjunctivitis)

    Hi, Could anyone help me with my little boy Biscoffi, we recently got our two little boys Biscoffi and Toffee. But yesterday, when cleaning the cage and then feeding them some lettuce I noticed that Biscoffi had one of his eyes squinted so I got an appointment the same day at the vets. And...
  11. G

    Is this breathing normal or laboured?

    The rate was about 80-100 when I counted I'm not sure if this is normal. I only just noticed now while I was watching him. Is this normal or am I being paranoid?
  12. J

    My boar may have anger issues.

    Don't get me wrong on the title, there's times he's happy, showing love(rarely), wheeking loudly and being a good piggy. ever since he became an adult, (he's 2 years old now) he's just been mean, mean and mean. He gets irritated at the littlest things, a little pet on the head and he's about...
  13. S

    My last piggie

    Help me please! I had 3 Guinea pigs, now I am just down to 1 boar almost 6 years old now and don’t really have the money for a vet visit right now. I have noticed this week that his fur isn’t looking as healthy and when I picked him up, his belly was hard on both sides. He is still acting normal...
  14. J

    Bringing New Guinea pig into cage.

    Hi, I am a Guinea pig owner to a 10 month old abyssian Guinea pig we lost her older sister in December and have rescued a 8 month old Californian, I am just looking at some advice in how to bond them! Piggie the older Guinea pig is quite skittish and Bambi our rescue is calm but can be...
  15. bambiandzinnia

    Should I rehome my guinea pigs?

    I have two female guinea pigs both around 1 years old now, I've had them since they were 2 months, I'm starting to struggle with finance issues, and my mental health is beginning to cause some issues, cleaning the cage and interacting with them enough is becoming difficult, they are very timid...
  16. I

    Guinea Pig on desk?

    I’m a student with two guinea pigs, just wondering if it’s okay for me to take my guinea pigs out sometimes and keep them for a little while on my desk while I study?
  17. Oinkpiggies

    Baby piggy drinking water constantly

    Hi everyone my baby piggy (not sure exactly how old he is), is drinking a lot of water compared to my other pig. Pretty much everytime i come downstairs to see them he is drinking water. Is this maybe a sign of diabetes? I have a vet appointment on Monday but just wanted to hear any insight.
  18. rubberduckytoy

    Weird Thing on my Guinea Pig’s Eye!

    A couple days ago I noticed my baby Ramen’s eye was looking weird and I looked all over the internet to try and find out what’s wrong with her but never found anything. :td: Her behavior hasn’t changed much and she still takes care of herself like before, but she hates it when I try to touch...
  19. Cows_mad05

    Older boar with concerns

    I need help, I have had my boar for two years now, he’s three and recently there has been many health concerns with him. He is an abi tan male and last week he prolapsed(it was taken care of) and now he’s showing other concerning problems. I recently moved a few time within the past two months...
  20. Suki&Indie

    White discharge from one eye

    Noticed this morning my piggie has white discharge around her eye. Her nose and other eye are totally clear and her breathing is normal for her (she’s nearly 8 and has had some lung issues in the past that means her lungs aren’t 100% perfect) She’s eating/drinking/pooping completely normally but...