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  1. Angelina_97866

    Bonding to make a trio

    Hi, I have just adopted a pair of sows and am hoping that I can introduce a younger sow to form a trio. Obviously I have to wait a couple of weeks or more for them to settle in and trust us, but would it work trying to do this? The pair I have are 1 years old. (Photo from previous owner)
  2. R


    Hi, this is my first time posting so apologies in advance if I'm not as quick as others. I'll give you an intro before getting to the issue Early 2013 So 10 years ago, (I was 10) I bought 2 female guinea pigs from the most popular pet shop in the UK. (I'll call them P & T) I had a simple cage...
  3. thepiggies

    Hostile boar

    Hello, my herd of four has been introduced for about a month now, and they had been fine. I have my guinea pigs in my bedroom so this morning I woke up to very loud squeaking, some squeaks shrill. I got up to check on them and Bunny - the (neutered) boar and leader - was chasing my three girls...
  4. thepiggies

    Big guinea pig?

    I have a herd of 4 - one neutered boar and three sows. I recently noticed 1 year old, Athena, getting bigger. At first I was scared of pregnancy, but I’ve checked many times, and am positive everyone besides Bunny (the neutered boar) is female. My next thought was bloating, however when I felt...
  5. Livvysquish

    Human trapped in guinea pig

    Hey, I'm a bit bewildered at my guinea pigs behaviour and have tried searching it up everywhere but have found nothing. It is honestly like she's a human in a guinea pig body, she even looks a bit human in the eyes. Like she understands me. When my other piggies are drinking or eating, she'll...
  6. mochalily2020

    Neuter and cage mates

    Hi everyone! Our young boar is due to be neutered next week. I was wondering if he can be returned to the same cage as our two females (the two girls are spayed) immediately or if I should give it some time? Thank you all
  7. C

    Recent mama won’t rejoin the herd

    Hi all. Long time reader, first time poster. I’ll try to give details but keep it short too, I need some advice about bonding after a fight. 10/4 I adopted three female pigs that were rescued from a lady that bred them to feed to her dogs. They would join the two pigs, Cinnamon and Cookie, I...
  8. Z

    Duo to herd

    Hello everyone! I have two female guinea pigs Currently. Getting ready to upgrade to a larger habitat 3x5 c&c with a loft (possibly 2x6 undecided). I’m really wanting to add a third because I’ve read and heard that a “herd” is more social and comfort in numbers for them. As a third is it better...
  9. SydneySharkk

    Male Trio? Neutering? Male herds?

    So I’ve been talking to my friend who’s old classmate is trying to rehome their two male guinea pigs, for a few months now. They asked me several months ago (right after I got my two girls) and I was thinking about getting them but they never responded. Until like a week ago, and she told me...
  10. eve1234s

    My mom says that having one guinea pig is fine...

    Hi, I recently lost my guinea pig Prim a few weeks ago. It was heartbreaking, especially to see my other pig Rosie be by herself for the first time in her life. Now she never really comes out of her igloo,except to eat, even though she has a spacious c&c cage big enough for two pigs. I know...
  11. alli081

    Depression In Piggies?

    Hi everyone, I have 3 lovely piggies who live together full-time, 2 females (Muffin and Martha) and one boy (Ice Cream). Recently Martha and Ice Cream have been a bit unsocial, often hiding away under their castles for long periods, sleeping a bit more than usual. Muffin is behaving her usual...
  12. Shadow22

    Herd Size

    This is probably a dumb question, but does it take a certain number of piggies to make a herd? Also, I want a good size herd but I'm not sure how many I should have. Any suggestions?
  13. Parnassus

    When Is It Time To Increase Herd Size?

    I haven't been able to find any literature online about this topic, so here goes -- We have two bonded sows, who get along fine, and are spoiled by us humans to death. I have been wondering how we decide if they need or should enjoy having a third member join their herd? How does someone...
  14. 5littlecavies

    Rebonding Male With Females - Please Help.

    Hi everyone, I didn't see a thread exactly like my situation so thought I would post one. I have a neutered male and he was living with my 3 older females which he bonded well with and they lived together for a week. Suddenly they began to fight, my male didn't fight back but 2 of my girls were...
  15. FluffyPigMama

    Fighting, Who Do I Isolate?

    So, I have 5 boars (I'm trying to find a good vet to get them fixed just to be safe, but I know that won't change anything about them), they were all bought at the same time, but at 2 different locations, mostly healthy, they've been together for about a month (give or take), and 2 of them won't...
  16. Sach15

    Adding A Neutered Boar To A Quad?

    I have 4 sows and they get on fine but one of the girls is very dominant and gets a bit moody if one of the other girls does something she doesn't like. They have a run which is over 6ft and have a hutch against the run to go in for the daytime and They also have a shed with a stable door, which...
  17. Sach15

    My 4 Littl Girlies

    all my girls are ex-breeders that we rescued. I have 3 Swiss's and 1 self. Pink eyed White Swiss is called Olive, the torteshell Swiss is called Martha, the ginger and white Swiss is called Elsie and the lilac self is called Violet. They range from 1 year old to 2.5 years old
  18. coco&chanel

    Benefits Of Introducing A Neutered Boar To 2 Sows

    Hello, I've been reading on here about people wanting a neutered boar for their sows. I was wondering what the benefit of this would be and whether it would be better than getting another sow? I'm wondering this mainly out if curiosity but i am also toying with the idea of getting another pig...
  19. crnyng

    Piggie Pictures Pt.2

    I'm pretty obsessed with the cuteness of my pigs, as we all are with our pigs, and I just can't get enough pictures of them that I always want to share! So enjoy! (: They will all be posted singly.