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  1. V

    My Problem With The ‘elevator Method’ Used To Pick Up Piggies...

    My piggie is generally okay with the elevator method of picking her up - I just kind of coax her into a guinea pig bed, and pick her up by lifting the entire bed out of the cage. However, I'm worried that because I have been getting her out to syringe feed her, she will associate her little bed...
  2. court29x

    Introducing Fleece Items

    I've just ordered some fleece cage liners (the waterproof kind) and some fleece beds and pockets/cosies/hideys, do I start by introducing the fleece cage liners first and continue to let them use their plastic igloo (changing it because it takes up too much room in their cage) or the other way...
  3. Guineapigfeet

    Home Improvements

    I bought this lovely house for my piggies: and they don't use it! (the ramp is a bit slippy - bad mummy didn't cover it!) They sleep under it and only go in when put food in there. And they chew the legs. They are growing and they are finding it a squeeze to fit under comfortably and the legs...