1. Sarah Jane

    Plywood for guinea pig hide? Opinions? Also what type of food bowl is easy not to tip over? Anything you can make at home?

    My beautiful boar boy Flynn loves to knock his hide over every chance he gets. I mean every chance. If I correct it, 3 mins tops until he knocks it over again. This would be fine; except my little lady Piglet enjoys her hides so ultimately, it's not working in her favour. I looked on the...
  2. F


    Hi, I’m really new to this and this is my first post but I was hoping anyone could help me I have two female guinea pigs who are around 7 and 8 weeks old and I have noticed that they both hide behind their hidey house instead of going inside it to hide. Is this normal? Is there anything else I...
  3. M

    Guinea pig won't get off his house

    I have a hidey house that has a little ramp so that he can get on top. He was never able to for a couple months but he finally figured it out. But now he hardly ever gets off of it. He eats food from the hay feeder attached to the house, he sleeps there, uses the bathroom, and won’t come off to...