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hot weather

  1. A

    Small poops, Dehydration? Any advice appreciated!

    Hello everyone, please help me! My guinea pig (3yrs, female) has been making these really small poops recently (I'll attach a picture so you can see). I researched and it said possible illnesses could be dehydration or gut problems. I'm unsure if its gut problems since I reg give her probiotics...
  2. Teema


    Hi everyone! In Scotland we are currently having a heatwave at the moment and I am so worried about my two girls. Our flat gets very hot during the day (infact, it’s just hot constantly at the moment) and I can’t do anything to try cool the place down as we don’t have an A/C (we do live in...
  3. Misty

    Too hot in a shed?

    Hi, The shed Chippy is in is the same temperature as the greenhouse so about 35C. Chippy is lethargic but is still eating and drinking. He has shade and cold water and has had fridge temperature veg. My question is should i move him into my room for the time being (until this hot weather has...