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  1. RheMae

    Guinea pig wanted to eat, had malocclusion, now doesn't want to eat.

    He was doing so much better. He wasn't eating but he wanted to. He no longer wants to. He won't close his mouth with syringe feeds, he's losing weight. It feels like it happened overnight. He stopped pooping all of a sudden. We took him to 3 hospitals. When I last saw him, about 2 days ago...
  2. Adelyn

    Begging for pellets?

    Every day I refill Clover and Stella's food bowl. One tablespoon of pellets each. In the evening their bowl is empty, and whenever I walk by they wheek at me. I give them a little bit more, and in the morning it's empty. We're back to where we started. Are they truly hungry, or are they eating...
  3. Beans&Toast

    The Pigs Make Good Hoovers

    I knocked over some bags of hay whilst cleaning out their cage and it went everywhere. No need to hoover, the pigs are on it! They work very fast ;)
  4. kitkat1

    How Much To Feed?

    So I am currently feeding 6 teaspoons of pellets daily to my piggies, but am I supposed to be feeding them each 6 teaspoons? They always seem very hungry when I go to feed them.XD