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  1. P

    Internal and external measurements for bluebell hutch 6ft

    Does anyone know the external and internal measurements for bluebell 6ft xlarge cage? I have the measurements for the 5ft one (attached below) but need to know the measurements like them for the 6ft one.
  2. P

    Best fleece liners for cages?

    Where does everyone buy their fleece bedding from? Is it ok to buy it from a supermarket (planning on putting puppy pads underneath or some type of waterproof material) any recommendations?
  3. P

    Bluebell hutch sizing!

    Hi guys, Does anyone know the INSIDE sizing of the bluebell Guinea pig hutch from pets at home? I already know the outdoor sizes but looking to change our bedding to fleece for our piggies instead of sawdust - it gets everywhere! If anyone also has any recommendations for fleeces for cages, let...
  4. Qualcast&Flymo

    Moving pigs from indoors to outdoors?

    Hi all, looking for a bit of advice please! Up to now, our piggies have always lived indoors in a centrally heated room, with grass time outside only when the weather has been very dry and warm enough. At the moment, we are trying to sell our house so the piggies are staying with the pet nanny...
  5. Siikibam

    Hutch indoors

    Having seen a post by @anyar.dris in the commercial cages section, I’m debating buying a hutch and putting it in place of the c&c, and having a permanent run they can access anytime. For those who have an indoor hutch setup, please can I see them? And, I’m considering the bluebell hutch. The...
  6. K

    Which Hutch For My Guinea Pigs

    I am looking at getting 2 guinea pigs, probably 2 males in a few weeks. I have been searching the internet for hutches. I have no idea where to even begin looking. I have ruled out pets at home and such places as the hutches have all had poor reviews. I don't want to buy a poor quality hutch and...
  7. Atalia

    Fleece And C&c Cages

    Hi! I would like to make a different changes for my guinea pigs. As you can tell from the title I would like to switch to fleece and possibly get c&c cages. If any of you use these feature for your guinea pigs. Please leave me suggestions, pros and cons, and any tips! I would like to hear it...
  8. C

    One Or Two Story Hutch?

    hey, I was wondering if people had found that getting two storey hutches with a built in run are worth getting (we have a foldable run at the moment but we probably won't be able to get it out for them to play in everyday). Our two sows are new so if we are going to get a different hutch is it...
  9. Nicky Green

    Hutch Recommendations Please

    I've recently rehomed two male guineas, after a few days of having them (and cutting back the terrible fur matts that the rosette had), I found that one was bullying the other and the rosette was covered in quite nasty bites. I've separated them and they're now living in indoor cages, side by...