ic piggie

  1. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Anything new in the IC world?

    Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well! I was just wondering if there was any new info or advice for IC pigs as Iggy is having another flare up. I’m considering cutting out all veg and trying an elimination diet to see if there’s something I’m missing. We’ve just started some sulfatrim as that...
  2. S


    Hi everyone. Just an update on my IC guinea pig, I picked up some Yurelieve for cats-they didn't want to give me cystease due to the sea shell ingredients involved, but the company of Yurelieve have apparenly been never tried on guinea pigs but there are no ingredients against their diet. my vet...
  3. S

    Balanced diet for guinea pigs?

    Hiya, I have an IC guinea pig as some of you may know. I am looking to reduce the calcium content for her in her diet so that it may help her symptom of squeaking when peeing/pooing. I have read on here about the diet that includes gem lettuce, celery, coriander, spring greens (I am going to use...