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  1. Nandu

    Toys, Chew toys, Enrichment, Ideas?

    Hey! I have 2 guinea pigs, Pat and Dumbly. Pat is 6 months old and Dumbly is around 5 1/2 (we don't know exactly) Recently, we got them a wooden tunnel which they can chew. Dumbly is a BIG chewer. They seem to be loving running through it and Dumbly likes chewing it. We also have a tiny red...
  2. B

    Cage extension ideas/ help

    Hi Everyone I have recently adopted a pair of female piggy’s who are approximately 2 years old. As it was a bit of a sudden recuse I quickly converted my hamster cage ( a converted IKEA wardrobe measures 120cm x 80cm) for the piggy’s to live in as my hamster had passed away and his cage was...
  3. Emilymaexx

    Guinea Pigs Won’t Leave Cage

    Hi! So, I have had my guinea pigs for 3 years now. For the first year and a half of having them I had carpet in my bedroom. The Guineas absolutely loved floor time and would squeak to be let out for floor time. Since I have changed to laminate flooring (due to the amount of floor time the pigs...
  4. adussiaQ

    Storage Recommendations

    Hi all, I couldn’t find a similar thread so I made my own, not sure it’s in the right chat but please move it if it’s not. I’m looking for your recommendations on storage. I buy all my piggie items in bulk and it’s begging to be hard to store. It doesn’t look great and it’s not practical just...
  5. P

    Product Recommendations

    I noticed there aren't a whole load of guinea pig product recommendation threads out there so I thought I'd take the opportunity to make one. If anyone has any DIYs or products they've tried and liked, post them here! :)
  6. dannif_piggies

    Rescue gift ideas

    This kind of belongs in this section but kind of doesn't, hear me out 🤣 I volunteer at a small animal rescue. Our main two animal intakes are rabbits and guiena pigs , although we have around 25 rabbits and only 4 piggies currently. But obviously as most people know, rescues do their upmost to...
  7. dannif_piggies

    Those of you that have a hay box...

    Hey guys, those of you that have a dedicated hay box, rather than a hay rack or just using hay as bedding, what do you use below the hay? I would love to have a dedicated hay section/box for the piggies especially Willow as she is always jumping in the hay rack to run through it... I used to...
  8. Kirstie :)

    Help Me Name My New Piggy!

    Hello! I am getting a female piggy in around a month. :yahoo: I'm looking for some name suggestions - something unrelated to looks and behaviour. At the moment, I quite like the name Pippa or Bella, but I'm very open to suggestions! She is going to be the companion of my current piggy Gorm...
  9. winniethepooh

    Fleece Bedding Is Better?

    I am thinking about switching to fleece bedding because it seems to fit my standards. I need fleece that I can just wash every day and will not leak through and have a washable absorbent layer. Right now, I currently have store-bought bedding, which everyone knows is a hassle to keep up with so...
  10. Siikibam

    Correx And Puppy Pads

    i moved my boys to a c&c today, but they’ve already started chewing on the correx :mal: I also set up a ‘kitchen’ area in which I initially put shavings on top of puppy pads, but changed my mind envisioning the mess - when they run they kick up shavings. Now toffee keeps chewing on the puppy...
  11. Streaky

    Tips To Keeping Guineas Warm Through Winter

    Hi, I have recently moved my Guinea Pig into the conservatory due to the cold weather during winter. I was just wondering if any of you piggy owners had tips/ tricks to keeping your guinea pig warm and how to make sure they get some sort of exercise when it’s too cold for them to go out. Thanks!
  12. V

    Need Some Ideas For New To Come C&c Cage!

    I currently have four piggies living with me. Three out the four are living in a Ferplast rabbit cage size 140x71x51 cm. The other one is living temporarily in a Ferplast rabbit cage 95x57x46 cm since 5 March as she came living with us. Because of health issues she's still in this cage. I would...
  13. Celine298

    If You Could Rename Them....

    We all know Guinea Pigs have the strangest name: they're not pigs and they're not from New Guinea! I was thinking, if we could rename them, what would we call them? Based on our experiences with these wonderful little fluffies. Personally, I'd go with Spud Bunnies, because of their potato...
  14. Cookie&JayJay

    What Can I Feed My Guinea Pigs To Spice Up Their Boring Daily Food Routine?

    Hello, I am new to this forum, and don't quite know how it works, so sorry if I'm asking in the wrong place. I have two guinea pigs, Cookie and Jay Jay. They are both super fat and eat a lot, but everyday eat the same boring things, like cabbage, silver beet, red and yellow silver beet, stuff...
  15. MJG

    Floor Time :)! Any Ideas

    Hey guys Just wanted to show my boys play pen , if anyone has any more ideas or how to build any thing new for my boys I would massively appreciate it :) ! Or just what you think of it :)
  16. MJG

    Best Toys For Floor Time?!

    Hey guys :) Just wondering everyone's opinion , so for floor time I let boys explore my spare room and I've got tunnels , a house , couple of chews , some guniea pig chew balls . Is there anything else anyone could suggest to add to their playtime? I just don't want them to be bored :)
  17. FayeM

    Toy Ideas..

    Hi everyone I've got a few days off work and looking for some new ideas for toys for my boys! I've had to separate one of my pairs into singles after a bloody incident yesterday and don't want them to get bored whilst they're on their own for the time being.. Cleaning my fridge out I came...
  18. Littlewheekers

    Outdoor Accommodation Ideas?

    has anyone got any outside accommodation to house 3 pigs as I recently got a new one, it must be warm during winter time, pictures would be great! I would love to see your ideas!:D:help:
  19. Kirstin

    My Three Guinea-pigs Need To Go On A Diet...

    So from what I've previously read in guinea-pig care books, a medium-sized guinea-pig should weigh between 1 - 2 lbs. However, after weighing each of them my three boars each need to loose half a pound for them to be at a healthy weight. I will hold my hands up to the fact that I do overfeed my...
  20. Littlewheekers

    Need Help...

    I want my pigs, I have 2, to have a better outside accommodation.. But I'm really stuck for ideas, I have a area of 6ft by 6ft (roughly) to play with.. And it has to be easy moved etc, even clean.. Any ideas? Not allowed a shed