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  1. C

    My boys uri doesnt seem to be clearing up

    All 3 of my boys had a uri so vets prescribed them antibiotics. Buttons and ripple cleared up fine after the first week but rolo still had a snotty nose and sneezing all the time so he had antibiotics for another week. That course has finished but he is just the same as before still snotty etc...
  2. C

    Are my piggies sick again?

    Hello I have 3 guinea pigs, 2 live together the one is on his own. They are all 11 months old I’ve had them since the start of this year. The Guinean pig living by himself had a respiratory infection around march this year. Then the 2 piggies living together but had respiratory infections in...
  3. Emily Jane

    Need Help With Medication

    hello, My guinea pig, cutie, was prescribed too medications by the vet. I’m fine with giving her them and was cleaning the syringes and when I came back I have here the medicine. However, I got the bottles mixed up and gave her 0.3 ml of Metacam instead of 0.25ml. I thought the medicine I was...