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  1. S

    Random scream of pain when held near the chest?

    Sorry for the long read :( My girl Coco is just over a year old now, and has never been a fan of claw trims (or being held/pet in general as she wasn't originally raised with a lot of human contact), but when I took her to do just that today she made this absolutely heartwrenching screaming...
  2. C

    Crusty patches on nose

    Hi I’m new to the forums so go easy on me haha but I was just wanting to know if anybody possibly knows what this could be? She’s acting completely normal, eating fine, not lethargic, drinking normally, going to the bathroom fine. I just noticed these crusty scab like things on her nose a few...
  3. E

    Urgent Help!

    so I posted in here maybe 2 weeks ago when my Guinea Pig was experiencing trouble and then she was fine (not completely fine) again. She is very thin and weak and we are/we’re feeding her the recovery paste and she had lost feeling in her leg. At the time she weighed 880 grams. Today she has...
  4. Natalia

    Bold Patches, Black Dots And Dandruff

    Hello, My guinea pig, Rikky, has a bold patch on his back. I have read online that it might be mites and to treat it ivermectim. I bought some from pets at home. The first treatment was three weeks ago, and it said on the box to re do it after 4 weeks. However his bold patch has not improved...
  5. pipsqueaking

    Why Did My Guinea Pig Die So Young?

    I had 3 guinea pigs, they were all brothers from the same litter. They were all different sizes, one is very big and heavy, the other is just right and likes to play and Pipsqueak (who sadly died not so long ago) has always been very small and delicate. They're all a year and they live in my...