1. L

    Guinea pig lying on its bacm

    Hello, I have 2 guinea pigs called Kenco and Crumpet. I got Kenco in September of 2016. This morning I got woken from my guineas really squealing so I rushed up and went to the cage. I loved Crumpet out of the way as my first thought was they where fighting. (They get along really well) I...
  2. Ellie<3piggies

    Blondies ill

    Sooo my piggie blondie is really ill! I don’t even know what happened to her to make her this ill. I think it started when she jumped abit too high off this block in her cage for his little feet and hurt herself :( He couldn’t walk properly and wasn’t moving around a lot so I took him to the...
  3. Tori11247

    Guinea Pig won’t eat!

    Hi everyone! My little gussy pig seems to of lost his appetite over the last week. He wouldn’t finish his full bowl of veggies and now he won’t touch them at all! He eats small amounts of grass in the garden and some dandelion leaves. He’s been to 2 different vets this week and they have said...
  4. LemonOfme

    guinea pig yellow buttons around the nipples

    Hi guys! today i did my weekly check on my guinea pigs,and i found out that one of the 2 has yellow small buttons around his nipple , its not touching the plump, i am really scared about my guinea pig health, if some one has any idea of whats happeninf can you please tell me , thx
  5. Lumie_

    My guinea pig may not make it

    Hello! I’m here to talk about my guinea pig. There’s nobody to ask about how to know what is going on with her and I just want to find clarity. My guinea pig, well where do I start? I have a guinea pig named Nickel and I got her and her play mate from a woman. That one died somehow and I woke...
  6. Lucyscavies

    Eye ulcer?

    Hi sorry if this is long but I’m concerned about Scooby’s eye. It started September/October time last year. It started out with just a tiny lump that you could only notice if you pulled his eye back so I took him to the vets and got given some eye drops (sorry I can’t remember the name). They...
  7. Lucyscavies

    Human colds and guinea pigs

    Hi all, my daughter has recently had a cold and everytime she fed or went near the piggies she wore gloves and a mask. The cold has cleared up now but she has a cough and blocked up nose, she feels fine in herself though so I was wondering if she will be ok handling the piggies now? Is it still...
  8. Chandlerguineapig

    Guinea pig constipation?

    Hiya this is my first time on the forums and I really need some help, my Guinea pig seems to be able to poop but has a large brown lump of what looks like sawdust and feces mixed together but I’m not sure (stuck in his bum) and I’m not sure what to do about it. I’ve react about ‘impacting’ in...
  9. P

    Please Help- White Spots on Ear

    So I was checking my guinea pigs ear today and I noticed 4 white lumps on the ear. I'm not sure exactly what it is and am wondering whether need to take to the vet or if there is something I can do at home. I have 2 guinea pigs, and there is nothing in either of the other guinea pigs ears. I am...
  10. S

    Random scream of pain when held near the chest?

    Sorry for the long read :( My girl Coco is just over a year old now, and has never been a fan of claw trims (or being held/pet in general as she wasn't originally raised with a lot of human contact), but when I took her to do just that today she made this absolutely heartwrenching screaming...
  11. C

    Crusty patches on nose

    Hi I’m new to the forums so go easy on me haha but I was just wanting to know if anybody possibly knows what this could be? She’s acting completely normal, eating fine, not lethargic, drinking normally, going to the bathroom fine. I just noticed these crusty scab like things on her nose a few...
  12. E

    Urgent Help!

    so I posted in here maybe 2 weeks ago when my Guinea Pig was experiencing trouble and then she was fine (not completely fine) again. She is very thin and weak and we are/we’re feeding her the recovery paste and she had lost feeling in her leg. At the time she weighed 880 grams. Today she has...
  13. Natalia

    Bold Patches, Black Dots And Dandruff

    Hello, My guinea pig, Rikky, has a bold patch on his back. I have read online that it might be mites and to treat it ivermectim. I bought some from pets at home. The first treatment was three weeks ago, and it said on the box to re do it after 4 weeks. However his bold patch has not improved...
  14. pipsqueaking

    Why Did My Guinea Pig Die So Young?

    I had 3 guinea pigs, they were all brothers from the same litter. They were all different sizes, one is very big and heavy, the other is just right and likes to play and Pipsqueak (who sadly died not so long ago) has always been very small and delicate. They're all a year and they live in my...