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indoor hutch

  1. D

    Where are some good places to get indoor cages from?

    Where are some good website to get an indoor cage from? i am in the UK it will need a lid on the cage
  2. bobsox42

    Best place to get a custom hutch

    Hi all, Been a long time Guinea Pig owner and I'm looking to get a custom made hutch built. Can anyone recommend any companies (I'm based in Staffordshire if there are any local places I can support)? Or anything you wish you'd thought of when building your own custom hutches. Thanks in...
  3. C

    Soon To Be Guinea Pig Owner

    Hello, I've just joined the forum. I am hoping to buy two guinea pigs, probably female for my daughter's 7th birthday next week. I have been reading some of the information and threads on this site which have been really helpful. I think I am going to keep our pigs inside as otherwise we won't...