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  1. buttercreambaby

    Bald/Irritated Spot on my less-than one-year-old Baby 💔

    Hi everyone! I appreciate anyone who will take the time to read and respond to this as soon as they can! I have two girls (butterscotch and mocha) and they live happily and healthily together. I was cleaning their cage (roughly twenty minutes ago) and got distracted with talking to my partner...
  2. D

    I think my guinea pig is blind in one eye

    Her eye looks rather pink on the white part but on the actual eye it kinda looks normal but ontop is a thin cloudy white sheet
  3. A

    Mites treatment and cleaning advice?

    Hello, We took home 2 new piggies earlier this week, only to discover that they both have mites.. Very sad to find out as I just got them home, but it is what it is. I should have checked before I paid! I would like to try some treatment myself before going to the vet as I have heard they...
  4. Hazel&Daliah

    White Cloudy Eye

    Hi guys! Today we took our guinea pig Hendrick out for lap time before going to bed. My boyfriend had mentioned earlier in the day how he noticed his little eye was watering, I explained to him that they produce a milky liquid to clean themselves as I have read it in multiple websites so we...
  5. Benjofranco

    Sore On The Belly Of Our Boar

    We've just discovered this sore on the belly of our long haired Peruvian Boar - Drew. Just wondering if anyone could point us in the direction of what this may be. Think he does have some mite issues at the moment as does seem to be itching a bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated!