1. dannif_piggies

    Types of fungal

    Prior to dealing with Misty's ringworm, I'd never had experience with fungal issues, and upon research I've read that piggies can get other fungal issues too just ringworm is the most contagious. So my question is, what are the symptoms of these other fungal infections? Do like look like the...
  2. Jordyn Warner

    Back In Business!

    Hello! I had guinea pigs a until a year ago when having to leave my baby's with my then boyfriend after a brake up, I am now in my new home and ready to set up again! Could anyone spare a minute to let me know if there has been any changes or updated information on the geneal care of piggies...
  3. Atalia

    Health Checks

    I would like to ask for tips and learn some information on health checks! (Poorly enough I was unaware of what it was until a couple weeks ago.) When I bought my pigs from a pet shop (unaware of rescues at the time) they did not tell me anything of their needs and requirements. So I went off of...