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  1. MeganSambrook

    Mites? Open Wound

    Hello, I’m new to the forum so I hope I am posting in the correct place. We’ve recently adopted a guineapig who we were told is 8 months old and had been attacked by a female guineapig in his cage. He has a superficial wound on his back which unfortunately he can reach with his back leg. He also...
  2. H

    baby guinea pigs excessive itching

    recently i have adopted 2 baby guinea pigs (around 6 weeks old) and i have noticed they tend to itch quite alot. Their coats are soft and nice, with no dry patches, oily/greasy patches, etc. they also jump and run around the cage sometimes with a high pitched wheeking. (is this related to the...
  3. cinn&sugarmybbs

    Hay Mites Or Mange Mites?

    hi, my older guinea pigs have been losing hair for a while (like shedding no bald spots) and are itchy occasionally. I have two New Guinea pigs and they started doing the same exact thing. They scratch the back and are losing hair now. I already did 2 spot on treatments (ivermectin). What should...
  4. D

    Itching Piggie

    Hello. We took my daughter's elderly female guinea pig to the vet after we noticed some hair loss and her scratching and biting her hind quarters. We have got some Ivermectin to treat her with for possible mites. I'm just wondering if there is a recommended shampoo or bath treatment we could...
  5. Kayleigh_q

    Weird Behavior

    My oldest gp Beans is acting every strangely. I came home to see him in his cage, lying down and then getting up, making a weird movement, itching himself, and laying back down. He only lays down for about 10 seconds before he gets back up again. He also isn't interested in treats or hay. Why...
  6. MomoMura

    How Often Do Your Guinea Pigs Scratch Themselves?

    Mines seem to scratch themselves at -least- once or twice every five to ten minutes. Sometimes even more. Is this normal? I have taken them to the vet and he even checked them for parasites and couldn't find anything. I've been waiting for other symptoms such as loss of appetite, not...