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itchy ears

  1. J

    Skin Issues? Ear Infection? Biting Himself?

    Hi everybody, I'm new here, and I've been having some concerns with my boy, Teddy. I got him on 7/5/2022, and noticed that he was much smaller than all the other guinea pigs in his enclosure. I watched them all for about two hours, and saw that when he made any attempt to move towards the...
  2. Alssa

    Twitching and rolling over

    I recently made my piggy a cuddle sack which is basically a donut of fabric you wear like a scarf and let your piggy sleep or to just cuddle in. She really likes it and the only concerning thing is that when she’s in it she’ll shake her head like she has an itch in her ear and then flop over on...
  3. Caitlin Wilson

    Regular Itching/scratching

    I recently adopted a guinea pig and noticed that he was itching the same spots quite regularly. I have been checking for any hair loss and I can't see anything around the areas but he doesn't like me touching the area that he is scratching on his side. When I have felt it, I can't feel anything...
  4. Amanda Ferrara

    New Guinea Pig- Sneezing And Shaking Head?

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this, but keep looking up guinea pig symptoms and they don't all match up with what my pig is experiencing. So, I got him about a two weeks ago from Petco, and he's two months old. He did great for the first week, but now he's acting kind of weird. I take him out for...